30 Funny Gifts For Workaholics

30 Funny Gifts For Workaholics They Don’t Expect

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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While there are many practical gifts that allow hardworking people to be even more productive, sometimes you just want to take the pressure off and relax a little bit. In this guide, you’ll find 30 ideas for funny gifts for workaholics that will showcase their hustling life and make them laugh.

These are things that aren’t typical gifts for busy people but something that every hustling person will appreciate. Next time they look up from the laptop and realize it’s dark outside, some little thing in their workspace will remind them of you and put a smile on their face.

From antistress fidget toys to funny napping pillows, here are 30 funny gift ideas for a workaholic in your life!

1. I Run On Coffee And Chaos Tote Bag

This gift idea is for a workaholic woman in your life. A strong female who is always running around with a cup of coffee in her hand doing ten different things at once. Someone who is energized and busy but can appreciate a funny joke.

A tote bag like this will be an equally great gift idea for your entrepreneur friend or for a busy mom.

2. Napping Pillow

funny ostrich pillow is a great workaholic gift that allows for naps at work

Taking frequent breaks at work is crucial for keeping personal productivity at a high level!

Whether your office chair is comfy or not, you can hardly take a nap sitting. An Ostrich Pillow is specially designed for someone who is always at work: it lets you immediately disconnect from all the light and noise and have a quick comfortable rest whenever you are.

3. Heated Shiatsu Massager

Back pain and stiff neck are the known features of almost every workaholic. Sitting long hours in the same position leads to all kinds of unpleasant feelings in the body.

In-person massages are great but who has the time for regular visits to a masseuse? If the person is always busy, a good heated massager for neck, back, and shoulders will make a very thoughtful gift.

It may look a bit funny, but works like a charm.

4. Fun Daily Mood Calendar

A fun calendar that shows your current mood to whoever comes close to your desk can be very helpful to avoid interruptions at work.

This one has 47 moods to choose from with funny definitions and examples for each. Not only will it deter unwanted human distractions but it will also educate them a little bit in the process!

5. I Am Very Busy Tumbler

very busy tumbler gift for workaholics

Stylish and spill proof, a tumbler like this may be a nice statement gift for a business woman, especially the one who travels a lot for work.

It’s practical, cute, helps to keep drinks warm and avoid overly talkative people. What’s not to love?

6. Smart Reusable Notebook

An erasable notebook like this would be a good asset for an international spy – but can come in handy for your regular workaholic as well.

It’s more a practical gift than a funny one, but then again, there is no limit to how you can use it! From writing funny notes to a coworker during a boring meeting to letting your child draw in your notebook without being punished, your imagination is your only limit!

All of your secrets will be safe.

7. The Book About Burnout

Sometimes burnout can come when you least expect it. To save your workaholic friend from the consequences of overworking, kindly give them a dedicated book as a gift.

“Burnout: The Secret to Unlocking the Stress Cycle” is a well-received self-help book for women who put too much on their plate. It’s based on psychological research and helps busy professionals handle stress better and let themselves rest.

8. Smartphone Jail

If a family member or a friend can’t seem to let go of the smartphone even after work, here is a great gift idea for such a person!

A smartphone lock literally puts the phone in jail for as long as you set it and there is no way to trick it. An extreme but sure way to spend some quality time with the loved ones without being constantly distracted.

9. Floppy Disk Coasters

If it’s someone who sits behind the computer all day long and is old enough to remember the good old days of floppy disks, here is another idea of a fun gift.

This retro silicone coaster set is dishwasher-safe and heat resistant so it will survive all kinds of drinks and look great on an office desk!

10. You Are Awesome Mug

What can be a better gift for a workaholic than a motivational mug that celebrates their achievements?

This is a kind of present that is both funny and inspiring and will also remind this person about your warm relationship every day, while they sip on another coffee and work harder than ever.

11. Workaholic Luggage Tag

funny danger workaholic luggage tag

Another funny gift idea for a workaholic who is often away on business. A unique luggage tag like this will definitely help recognize your suitcase at a baggage claim carousel!

It can be personalized with your friend’s contact information and customized as much as needed: from simply replacing the text or changing fonts to designing the contact side completely from scratch if you want.

12. Password Tracker

While millennials and newer generations are predominantly used to digital password managers like LastPass, older people may still find it easier to keep all the passwords written in a handy book.

Of course, it’s not safe to keep it in common office spaces or travel with it unless you have some kind of cipher, but for most people privacy of their home is good enough to hide it there. Well, at least it’s better than resetting forgotten passwords all the time!

13. Baby Groot Succulent Planter

There are many known benefits of growing succulents in your workplace. Regardless of the person’s relationship with superhero movies, this cute Groot planter will please the eye of every hardworking individual!

And even in case the person you give it to doesn’t need another plant, it can still be put to good use on a work desk as a pen holder.

14. Funny To-Do List Pads

A workaholic is surely a person with a long to-do list. Luckily, there are some handy tools that help organize the tasks and make things easier.

These tear-off sheets will add some fun to a serious working environment and can be used to keep track of both work-related and personal things that need to be done.

Otherwise, a good productivity planner is always a great gift idea.

15. Relaxing herbal tea

A subtle way to tell a hardworking person to stop the hustle and relax a bit is to use a pack of herbal tea as a gift.

This special calming tea for relaxation has a pleasant aroma and a soothing flavor, which is exactly what an exhausted person needs after work.

16. Mindfulness Journal

A mindfulness journal is not something that comes off the top of your head as a gift for a workaholic but it’s a meaningful present that can dramatically improve the quality of life, especially one of a stressed business owner.

Blatantly called “Zen as F*ck”, this guided journal is perfect for a young professional who is open to self-development and not easily offended by profanity.

17. Awesome Stay At Work Dad Shirt

stay at work dad shirt as a funny gift for workaholic dad

If you are looking for funny gifts for a workaholic dad, you can never go wrong with a text-based T-shirt.

This one says “one awesome stay at work dad” and will make your father smile and think about you every time he wears it!

You can find more funny workaholic shirts in online stores like Redbubble, Society6, or Zazzle.

18. Spa Gift Basket

Whether it’s someone who just started a new business, or someone with a traditional office job, they deserve to treat themselves to a relaxing spa experience.

If booking a weekend at a spa hotel for them is out of your budget, a gift basket filled with spa goodies may be the best alternative.

If it’s a male workaholic and lavender is too girly, here is a sandalwood version for men you can check out instead.

19. Do Not Disturb Door Sign

If home distractions are getting out of hand, a door sign may fix the issue and allow more privacy to someone who works from home.

This funny wood sign is meant for busy workers but can also be used on a bedroom door, for a dorm room, or even at the front door of your house to avoid unwanted visitors.

20. Office Kit For Cat Lovers

If your workaholic friend is also a cat lover, here is a whole package of cat-related office supplies to surprise them!

It includes cat-shaped paper clips and sticky notes, a funny mousepad filled with cats, and a desktop flipbook with all kinds of cat memes.

A work day doesn’t seem as long when you are surrounded by cute cats, right?

21. Boss Lady Candle

This is one of the many cool gift ideas to inspire a businesswoman and show your support.

Infused with hustle and caffeine, this Boss Lady candle is perfect to sit on a desk of a successful female entrepreneur who seems to be always working.

22. Antistress Fidget Cube

Who said toys are only for children? Fidget cubes are known to elevate stress and reduce anxiety levels, which is why they make a great gift for workaholics.

This cube has different features on each of six sides to give your fingers something interesting to do while your mind is getting relaxed.

23. Under Desk Foot Hammock

This gift idea may seem funny at first but is actually very helpful for someone sitting behind the desk the whole day. We often think about the back and neck stretches but hardly ever think about the legs’ fatigue.

A foot hammock gets mounted under the desk and gives your feet an option to relax and switch the poses regularly.

24. Chained To The Desk Book

The book “Chained to the Desk” is written by a family therapist who has a PhD and years of clinical practice experience.

Based on research and practical examples, Bryan Robinson provides a step-by-step guide to recognizing workaholism and recovery from it.

Gifting this book to a workaholic in denial may be a good way to show them some perspective on how it affects not only the person’s life, but their loved ones too.

25. Llamaste Tank Top

Even for a workaholic, office life is not the whole life. There should be time to step out from the desk and either meditate a bit or have a yoga practice on a mat nearby.

For calm moments like that, your friend can wear a comfy and funny “llamaste” tank top like this one!

There is also a T-shirt option available which she can even wear while working as a reminder to stay calm and focused.

26. Wood Sign For a Dog Owner

Having a funny wood sign like this on your office desk always reminds you about your lovely pet and gives you some extra motivation to work hard on your dreams.

It says “I work hard so my dog can have a better life” and there are cute versions for other pets on Amazon too!

27. Funny Smartphone Holder

There are some situations when you need both of your hands to do something. This cute thumbs-up smartphone stand is like an extra pair of hands that can hold your smartphone for you!

Whether for video conferencing at home or watching videos at the office during a break, this phone holder makes your life easier and keeps your hands well-rested.

28. “Find Your Hedgehog and Stop Working” Book

The last book in this gift guide for workaholics is called “Find Your Hedgehog and Stop Working: When You Find Your Passion, Work Stops Being Work”.

It describes the core principles of becoming a successful and happy person by doing what you enjoy doing. It may open the workaholic’s eyes and give some insight into personal passions and maybe realizing that work is not everything.

29. Kraft Motivational Notebooks

These little notebooks can be used separately as stocking stuffers for Christmas, as little appreciation gifts for employees, or all together as a gift for a workaholic in your life.

If a person still prefers paper notebooks to digital note-taking solutions, these kraft journals will feel very pleasant to write in and keep around!

30. Chaos Coordinator Desk Sign

This funny gift idea is perfect for every hardworking person who has a desk. Whether it’s your boss, friend, or business partner, they’ll love to have this sign in their workplace.

The meaning of it will be especially appreciated by someone who is a manager, a director, or has any kind of team leading position.

Conclusion on funny workaholic gifts

These were my 30 gift ideas for workaholics, I hope you found something useful on this list!

If you don’t really want a funny gift this time, you can also take a look at my gift selection for remote workers that has 29 practical gift ideas for someone who is working from home. Or at these 15 fun gift ideas for a business woman!

Whatever you end up getting, I hope your workaholic loves your gift!

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