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29 Best Gifts For Remote Workers They Actually Want

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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Working from home might feel similar to the office in terms of the workflow, but you can setup your environment however you want!

No more people behind your back looking at your screen, no more uncomfortable chairs and boring corporate stationery. You can surround yourself with the things that make your mood better every day while you are working!

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best gifts for remote workers that will help make their home office cozy and inspiring.

Home Office Essentials

1. Laptop Cooling Pad

laptop cooling pad is a best gift for remote workers

Depending on the type of work a person does, a laptop tends to get hot a lot during the day. Constant overheating may shorten the lifetime of the device or lead to various hardware issues.

That’s why a cooling pad is a must-have for a home worker. They often work on a couch with their laptop on the lap, so with this gift you might also save them from leg burns!

A laptop pad connects to a laptop through USB so it’s portable and can be used anywhere. This one suits most of the common laptop sizes and is made noise-free to avoid unwanted distractions at work.

2. Bluetooth Portable Speaker

One of the perks of working from home is that you can listen to your music however loud you want without a hundred people hating you as in an open-space office.

Besides music, a speaker is useful for online meetings, listening to webinars and classes, and maybe even watching some Netflix when you have a break. Your office – your rules!

A portable Bluetooth version is really one of the best gifts for remote workers as you can take it with you wherever you decide to work today, whether it’s a new Airbnb or the beach.

3. Wireless Mouse

Using a wired computer mouse can be extra uncomfortable when you are working anywhere else but at your desk. You have to either unplug it every time you want to move your laptop of carefully bring it along.

Wireless mouse is an easy inexpensive solution that’ll also make your workplace more aesthetically pleasing without unnecessary wires sticking in all directions.

Choose the one that is durable, sensitive, has a good grip, and looks good as part of the home office setting!

4. Ergonomic Chair

ergonomic chair for remote home office

A good chair is important for your posture and body health. Just imagine: this is the object you have the closest contact with! The whole day. Every day.

Choosing the right ergonomic chair is crucial for one’s happiness in the remote office. This one comes in both black and white colors to fit any modern home environment!

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones With A Microphone

Who doesn’t use headphones these days? Whether for listening to background music to concentrate better or for hopping on work-related calls, a good pair of headphones is a must-have in a modern world.

Tired of listening to the neighbors doing a home renovation over and over again? Noise-cancelling headphones will make you forget you even have neighbors and help you focus on the job.

6. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

eyeglasses is a must when working from home

Everybody knows about the negative influence screen light has on your eyes, but most people simply ignore it. Whoever you are choosing a work from home gift for, show them that you care about their beautiful eyes with a pair of blue light blocking eyeglasses!

They come in all kinds of shapes and colors to satisfy even most picky fashionable eyes. This kind of present will most likely be put to good use and not become another dust collector at anyone’s home.

7. Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

One needs to be healthy in order to stay productive at home. Sitting at your desk the whole day doesn’t do any good to your neck, back, and overall physical state.

That’s where an adjustable workstation comes in handy! You can easily switch between sitting and standing during the day and get rid of the usual muscle tension and physical stress.

8. Customizable Desk Organizer

desk organizer as one of the best gifts for remote workers

Desk organizers help to avoid a mess on your desk that tends to happen all the time. A clean working environment is critical for a high level of productivity and staying distraction-free, especially for remote workers.

This organizer is a highly customizable solution to keep all your little things in one place and you can still change it around whenever you feel like it! It also holds your phone and helps your home office look professional.

9. Echo Dot With Alexa

A portable speaker is great but a smart portable speaker is even better!

You have the ability to control your whole smart home without leaving your workplace. Alexa can help make a research for your working project – just ask her questions! It can set timers, keep you updated with the news and the weather, and entertain you in many ways when you have a break from work.

10. All-In-One Wireless Printer

Whether you need to work with documents on a daily basis or print some occasional photos, here is a compact all-in-one solution that is great for a home office.

It can print in color, remotely, and from the app on your mobile device. There is even a two years ink delivery option so whoever you gift it to can just set it and forget it!

Work From Home Gifts For Daily Inspiration

11. Inspirational Desk Calendar

Imagine coming to your work desk every day and getting a dose of motivation and positive energy from the first minute! Wouldn’t it alone be the best gift you can receive as a remote worker?

Each of these daily calendars have a beautiful motivational quote for every day of the year that sets the right mood in your remote office and keeps you on track through the day.

12. Motivational Wall Art

inspirational wall art for remote workers

There are plenty of beautiful wall decoration ideas for your home office out there, many with the motivational quotes and designed for any taste.

This one has a ton of motivational words on it, so any piece your eyes catch through the day will tell you something different and inspiring!

13. Daily Planner To Stay Productive

Foe anyone who works from home, productivity is a big deal.

A good daily planner with dedicated places for monthly and weekly goals will keep you on track at all times and closer to the life of your dreams!

14. Wire Grid Wall Panel

As opposed to an old school cork board, a metal grid panel is a modern way to customize your home office. It serves the same purpose: to inspire and motivate you for productive work. You can be as creative as you want with it: clip your favorite photos, heartwarming postcards, or even motivational notes to yourself.

Wire panel makes a great gift for remote workers that most of them want, but always postpone to buy later (I am guilty too!). If you want your gift to be a pleasant surprise, consider buying this one: stylish and useful at the same time!

metal wire grid for home office

15. 365 Days of Motivation In A Book

Similar to a desk calendar, but in a form of book, this is one of the best gifts for remote workers you can ever think of!

You can keep it on your working desk or at your bed and read the next day’s quote or inspirational story before starting work. It will definitely give you a whole day’s worth boost of inspiration!

16. Motivational Notebook Set

No matter what kind of work you are doing from home, it often requires to quickly write something down. Instead of using countless post-it notes and losing it all around your home, why not write in a nice notebook that motivates you every time you reach for it?

work from home motivational notebook

Cozy Home Ideas For Remote Workers

17. Boss Coffee Mug

Imagine a long tiring busy day.

You are overwhelmed with the amount of work, stressed, and mechanically pour yourself a cup of coffee to keep the energy level high enough for the rest of the day. You come back to your desk, sit, make a deep breath, reach for your coffee – and notice it saying how awesome you are!

It’s just a stupid mug, but you are smiling and life just got a tiny little bit better. And if it makes you feel better, it’s definitely worth having around!

18. Essential Oil Diffuser

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to an oil diffuser and your home office will be soon filled with fresh air, nice scent, and a perfect peaceful atmosphere to start your day!

This thing just makes any room better.

19. Portable Laptop Desk

A laptop desk is a lifesaver when you want to work from your bed or sofa for a change! It keeps a laptop from overheating, takes the pressure from your lap, and has many little extra features to make your work from home experience as good as possible.

portable lap desk is one of the best gifts for remote workers

I can vouch for this bamboo desk (it still smells great even after years of use!), but there are other popular options. Take a look at this white one if you don’t need coolers or this simple black one with adjustable legs.

20. Plants & Succulents

Bring some nature to your workspace! Little succulents and plants add a unique personal touch to your home office and just make everything better.

Check out also this minimal succulent set or these macrame plant hangers if that’s more your style.

Not sure what to choose for a green gift? Buy a plant subscription instead!

21. Scented Candles

You can never go wrong with candles! Well, unless you choose a bad scent that gives people headaches. But in general, this is a great gift idea for a remote worker! They can be burned in a home office, any other home area, or even taken along on vacation.

Just avoid the ones with a super-strong smell, and you are good to go. This beautiful set comes packaged as a gift so you don’t even have to wrap it!

22. Cozy Throw Blanket

A cozy blanket can keep you warm on cold days and is a nice addition to any interior. I love throw blankets and would buy each cute one on the planet if it made any sense! It doesn’t so I’ll stick with those six I already own. Or is it seven?

cozy blanket makes a perfect gift for remote workers

Whether it’s a plaid blanket or plush like this one, I think they make the best gifts for remote workers, or any workers really, including non-workers. So anyone who has a home, basically. I mean, everyone should have at least one blanket at home, right? Two is even better…

Healthy Food Gift Ideas For Busy People

23. Thrive Market Membership

thrive market gift card

Thrive Market is a membership-based service that helps you save money on groceries. They promote a healthy lifestyle and make many sustainable products available for prices lower than retail ones. Learn more about how it works!

They also donate to low-income families and first responders for every purchased membership, so you kinda do a good deed too if you simply buy a membership for yourself or a friend.

24. Healthy Cereal Pack From Catalina Crunch

healthy food for home workers

The creator of this product was always a big cereal lover, but because of this very addiction he ended up with a diabetes. Did he give up the cereal? No way! Instead, he created his own unique product, that is as healthy as it can get.

Here are just some of the perks:

  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Zero sugar (obviously)
  • Keto-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% vegan (except one flavor called Honey Graham)
  • 30 days of delicious and healthy breakfasts in one order
  • Discounts for members
  • Chocolate, cinnamon, banana, mint, and more amazing flavors!

25. Healthy Snacks Box

healthy snack gift box for remote workers

Homeworkers often dive deep into work and forget about time. When they decide to have lunch, they sometimes realize it’s after 4 pm and dinner is actually closer. This comes from personal experience.

That’s why having healthy snacks at home is important and that’s why they are on my list of best gifts for remote workers! Everyone will love to receive a gift like that with all those tasty flavors nicely packed into healthy bars.

26. HelloFresh Meal Kits

When you work from home and especially when you work for yourself, you don’t want to waste time on unnecessary tasks. Unfortunately, feeding yourself is something that can’t be skipped. Being a human, you need to think about food a lot, decide on groceries and meals over and over again, go buy everything, cook it, and then get creative with leftover groceries to not let them go to waste.

What if the hustle could be avoided?

HelloFresh is one of the services that offer weekly deliveries of grocery packs. Everything is decided, measured for portions, brought to your door, and complemented with healthy recipes that you can choose in advance. All you need to do is follow the instructions and end up with amazing fresh home-cooked meals every day! Can this get any greater?

Best Online Gift Ideas For Remote Workers

27. Amazon Certificate

If you can’t decide whether any of these ideas are a good fit for your special day, go with an Amazon certificate! You can literally never go wrong with Amazon certificates as this store has everything one can think of. Instead of buying something one might not like or already own at home, why not let them choose the best gift themselves?

It’s also a good idea if you are on a budget as you can choose the certificate amount that you can afford, and not worry about your gift idea being too expensive!

28. Skillshare Subscription

online learning
Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Skillshare is an amazing platform with hundreds of courses available for all the areas of modern life and business.

I’m on my second year with this service, and I have dozens of courses I either started watching, already finished, or saved for later. My list grows literally every time I visit the platform as many new interesting ones are being created every month!

I’m sure everyone can find something cool and useful to learn on Skillshare. Creative writing, photography, illustration, entrepreneurship, web development, productivity (this is especially where I lose myself a lot), leadership, and marketing are only some of the topics they cover extensively. There is even a large area dedicated specifically to online work from home courses!

They have a subscription-based approach, so you pay monthly or yearly and attend as many courses as you want. No limits whatsoever! Instead of binge-watching Netflix shows, better binge-watch trending programs and learn some new profitable skills!

29. Rosetta Stone Language Learning Subscription

learning languages at home
Photo by @jankolar on Unsplash

Rosetta Stone is a language learning platform that’s been there for many years and I’m sure is not going anywhere. They have a lot of languages to choose from: from Spanish and French to Russian and Hindi, or even Vietnamese or Hebrew if you aim for something more exotic. Name it and they probably have it.

Learning a new language is always a good idea, especially for someone who works from home and communicate with the whole world from the cozy home office. You can buy a lifetime subscription for someone: it takes one-time payment and includes all the languages they have, which makes a perfect thoughtful gift!

Conclusion on Best Gifts For Remote Workers

Okay, here you have it: 29 interesting gift ideas for home workers!

No more lame figurines, shower gels and socks! Get them what they really want and let’s make everyone a bit happier!

Did you find anything useful for the occasion? Have more great gift ideas for remote workers? Tell me in the comments!

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