About Me

by Juliet Dreamhunter
about juliet dreamhunter

Hi, I’m Juliet.

A full-time Traveler, Blogger, and Inspirer.

Are you curious about the nomadic lifestyle?

Does the life of travels sound like a dream to you?

Or maybe you just like traveling and want to dig deeper than just visiting the main touristic sites?

If you answered YES to any of that, I’ve got you covered!


Disclaimer: I paused my travels and came back to my home country because of the coronavirus outbreak, but I’ll hit the road again as soon as it’s back to normal! Please don’t travel until it’s safe!
You can read here how and why we came back, that was a hell of a journey!

I travel with my husband Andrew, so you might see a lot of “we” throughout my posts.

juliet dreamhunter and her husband on top of lion rock in sri lanka
enjoying welcome drinks in a homestay in Sri Lanka

Whereas I sacrificed my career in software development to dive into blogging and photography and building my own business, he still prefers to work as a developer, although he enjoys our travel adventures as much as I do. He also takes most of the photos of me: the process that has its ups and downs but undoubtedly improves over time.

How did I become a full-time travel blogger?

Well, traveling wasn’t even the part of my life until I was 22.

Coming from the poor but educated Ukrainian family, I always knew only one way to live. You have to study well at school, as it’s the only way to get into university (higher education is free in Ukraine for those with good grades, based on rating system). Then you obtain a degree and find a job that can feed you, and stay there for the rest of your life (as my father did). Basically it was more about survival than living, but I didn’t know it back then.

So I did it all. Studied well, obtained a Master’s degree in Software Engineering, and worked as an Android developer for 4 years. I actually loved what I was doing and the companies I worked for, but as years passed I felt more and more miserable and realized that there should be more to life than just work. Yes, I liked my job, and I was good at it, but I didn’t want to live by the same routine – wake up, go to work, come back exhausted, go to sleep, repeat – to the end of my days.

Funny thing: even then, working at the office, I unknowingly protested against the system, as I was working in a beanbag instead of my dedicated desk for the whole final year. I guess I just didn’t want to be like everybody else.

working from beanbag
developer working in a beanbag

As I said, I didn’t travel at all when I was a child. I went abroad for the first time in my twenties – and it was like a window to a totally different world.

Since then, I started to look for the opportunities to travel more. I made the most of my vacation days and negotiated one day of remote work here and there so I could have an extended weekend trip.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.

Saint Augustine

This is one of my favorite quotes and it reflects exactly how I feel about traveling!

Eventually, twenty vacation days per year started to feel like nothing as there was so much in the world I still haven’t seen! I started to think of changing my life – which led to me leaving my lovely job and becoming a full-time travel blogger.

What can you expect from this blog?

Opposite to most bloggers out there, I don’t just write how beautiful everything is around you when you travel and how cool and fabulous every dish and hotel is.

Although I share the wonderful moments of my trips, suggest interesting locations and things to do, tell you about various food experiences we had, and favorite accommodations we stayed at or stumbled upon, this is far from everything. Besides that I also share what shocks me when it comes to cultural differences,  give advice on transportation and itineraries based on real-life experience, and share my failures as well as highlights.

Here you’ll find some tips from a girl who actually made a leap from years of similar 10 to 7 (and sometimes 9 to 9) working days in the office to the freedom of being a self-managed home worker – wherever the home might be at the time.

I also love exploring and trying new things whether it’s finding the best European Christmas markets, attending a cooking class in Sri Lanka, sunset hiking, or language exchange meetups in Spain

relaxing on top of pidurangala rock

Can’t travel now? Whatever the reason might be, I’ve got your back too! 

Here are some ideas for exploring the world from the comfort of your home: from online cultural walks to useful activities that improve your future travel experience. All clickable!

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Check out my favorite destinations so far (clickable)!

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