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Top 10 Memorable Things To Do In Malaga

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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The beautiful capital of southern Spain attracts tourists from all over the world. And while it has a lot to offer in terms of sight-seeing, at some point you might start feeling bored from all the walking around the city center and eating flavourful Spanish food in local restaurants.

That’s why I came up with this alternative guide to Malaga’s activities you’ll definitely remember. Whether you are staying in Spain long enough and want to spice up your weekdays a little bit, or you just like to keep yourself active and have some unusual experiences, the following list of cool things to do in Malaga will improve your whole trip’s impression!

Here you can take a look at all the available opportunities in Malaga on your selected dates. There are plenty of guided tours and unusual trips you can choose from. Check it out as I can’t possibly cover everything you might like in this one single post.

So here they are: Top 10 Most Memorable Things To Do In Malaga

1. Kayaking and/or paddle surfing lessons

kayaking in the mountains

As a center of Costa del Sol with the best possible weather and amazing beaches, Malaga has to offer plenty of watersport activities. No matter how athletic you are or even whether you can swim, there is something for you there without doubt. And there is no better place to learn a new skill!

Tons of tour operators provide water sports in Malaga. Find the best company for your preferred activity and go have a great time!

2. Dining in the menuless restaurant El Tintero

This is definitely an authentic experience you can hardly find anywhere else!

Located by the beach called Playa del Dedo, restaurant El Tintero will not just please you with delicious food but also surprise you with the kind of service they provide. It is a seafood restaurant with no menu whatsoever. It combines fine dining and entertainment altogether!

seafood paella in Malaga with shrimps and mussels

So how does it actually work, you ask.

Waiters will serve you drinks of your choice, but that’s it. The rest of the time they walk between the tables with the plates full of food, shouting the names of the dishes they are carrying. When you want something, you call the waiter and the plate is yours! Later, when you are finished with your dinner and ask for a check, they just count the plates on your table. There are two plate sizes, small and big, both at a fixed rate.

Also, keep in mind that all the names will be in Spanish, so in case you don’t know the language, it might be useful to look up the Spanish name of your favorite seafood dish in advance.

Easy, extraordinary, delicious. What’s not to love?

3. Hiking in Caminito del Rey

This is the most popular in Malaga hiking point with spectacular views!

caminito del rey hiking point in malaga spain

Caminito del Rey is the 7.7 km-long hiking route through the mountains which is suitable for anyone without disabilities. You can easily stay active during your vacation even if most of the days you spend relaxing on the beach!

There are many multi-language guided tours to Caminito del Rey that will let you know the history of the place as well as some related funny stories and legends. But pay attention to the meeting point: I always recommend choosing a tour in which they pick you up in Malaga and take you back after the tour. This will save you a lot of hustle and worrying about transportation, so you can focus on your stress-free hike and fully enjoy it!

Here are some options to visit Caminito del Rey. They are 9, 6 and 3 hours long respectively and include different treats so you can choose the one that suits your needs and a time window.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and take some water with you as the route takes at least three hours of walking in the sun.

4. Attending language exchange events

Arranged by an organization called Malaga Tandem Club with a nice girl Leticia in charge, these events take place three times a week in local bars. It’s a whole community of cool people who either travel or live in Malaga.

Malaga fun language exchange events party in a bar

This was honestly one of the most memorable experiences we had in Malaga! We got to meet people from all over the world: Spain, Germany, France, the US, Poland, UK, Ireland, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Iran and more! And everyone who comes to events like this is usually very friendly and open to getting to know new people. What a great way to find new friends from all over the world!

People talk, drink, sometimes play games. Some of them come to practice English, some Spanish, but there is no strict rule and the main goal is to find common ground and socialize.

Entrance cost is usually EUR 2 for any event, but it includes a free drink or tapas!

Here are the links to Facebook events in case you are interested: Wednesday event, Thursday event, Friday event.

Sometimes Leticia organizes other events like a night at a local fair, going to the movies together, kayaking and many more. At some point, you come to a local bar in Malaga and see familiar faces all over! And how cool is that when you see friendly faces in a foreign country!

5. Skiing in the Sierra Nevada

I bet you didn’t expect to see this one!

skiing in sierra nevada malaga winter sports spain

Everyone goes to southern Spain for the beaches, but it’s not even in the top 10 on your mind when you think about ski resorts, right? That’s what we thought too!

As we were told by locals, this is especially remarkable in spring. They say when it’s April, for example, you can totally go to the beach in the morning and then have a blast snowboarding in the afternoon! How crazy is that! It takes less than two hours to get from the Malaga coast to the Sierra Nevada, a resort that offers all types of snow sports you can think of (and more!). Skiing, snowboarding, separate park for freestyle riders, snowmobile excursions, bike-skiing, sit-skiing, dog-sleighs, horse-drawn sleighs… you name it!

6. Attending a Flamenco show

How about a traditional Spanish dancing show?

flamenco dancer in a national costume on the streets of Spain

Flamenco is a very common and very expressive solo dance they perform in Spain for ages. It usually takes about an hour and you can go directly to the show. But there are plenty of organized events which have Flamenco show as a part of it. For example, we went for a tapas crawl that also included wine tasting and Flamenco in the end. Look up which tours are available for your dates and you will definitely find something interesting!

Here are some intriguing events I found that include Flamenco performance:

7. Practicing yoga on the beach

beach yoga malaga armstand

Walking along the seashore in the morning and looking for a nice breakfast place, we came across a yoga lesson more than a couple of times. Usually, there is just a handful of people who do sun salutations, stretch and meditate together on a tranquil oasis on the beach. Do you think there is a better place than that for morning yoga? I doubt it!

If you are interested, look it up! I’ve seen quite a few opportunities to join such classes at Tripadvisor and Facebook. And what can be a more energizing and inspiring way to start your day!

8. Taking a ferry to Africa

Didn’t see it coming, huh?

This is no mistake. It only takes about half an hour by ferry (plus customs control) to get from the Port of Malaga to the Tangier, Morocco, which is northern Africa! Can you believe it? You are traveling around Europe and can totally go to another continent for a day or several days, just like that!

african children walking in Morocco surrounded by trees, nature

Morocco is a beautiful country with a unique culture and might easily become another highlight of your journey!

You can probably find a ferry by yourself, but to avoid communication issues and to make sure you come back safely, I suggest going with an organized tour from Malaga. Here are some of the options:

9. Spending a day in SPA

girl in a bath with a glass of champagne hammam malaga spain

Sometimes you walk so much every single day of your vacation that is doesn’t feel like one. If at some point of your trip you find yourself more tired than you are after a hard-working day, you definitely need a day off in SPA!

Spain is not famous for its SPA treatments, but you can still find plenty of options to unwind after your other exhausting activities (maybe after you check some points off this list!). I’ve listed some places with good reviews below:

Maybe experiencing a deep relaxation in some Hammam place is exactly what you need to feel alive again!

10. Watching sunset or sunrise from the viewpoint

My last point is somewhat similar to the previous one. I mean, it requires some hiking, but then you can have a picnic or something and just sit there on top of some hill, no tourists around, watching the sky turning infinite number of the most wonderful tints of pink…

watching sunset on a picnic from viewpoint in malaga stunning view

There are more popular viewpoints in Malaga and less popular. Some of them you can even reach directly by bus from the city center, others require some walking. Check out my other post 8 ways to spend time in Malaga to get some insights and details on how to get to some of the viewpoints (called Mirador in Spanish). Most of the places like that are open 24/7 which makes them a perfect fit for sun watching.

Another nice idea is watching the sun on the beach – early in the morning there is pretty much nobody on the beach, especially if it’s not central La Malagueta, but any other less popular beach. You can take your favorite snack, some fruit and jamon sandwiches if you like, and have the whole empty beach with the rising sun for yourself.

BTW, are you a sunrise or a sunset person?

If you haven’t found anything for your taste in the list, here are some other cool options to consider!

Please tell me in the comments if this post was useful and whether you found some suitable ideas for your trip to Malaga!

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memorable things to do in Malaga Flamenco
Top 10 memorable things to do in Malaga

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