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50 Cultural Activities For Travelers Online

by Juliet Dreamhunter

This post might contain affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase something, I will receive an affiliate commission with no extra cost to you. Check out my Full Disclosure for more details.

Not everyone can travel all the time. It is time-consuming and expensive. Unless you a millionaire with no responsibilities, you can’t just decide to fly to Portugal tomorrow for a wine tasting or suddenly go to the United Kingdom to attend a cocktail party. South coast of Sri Lanka may be calling your name, but reality keeps you home. That’s why I created this list of some amazing cultural activities I’ve found that are available online.

These days modern technology gives us so many cool opportunities to literally travel from home without actually going anywhere!

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Whatever keeps you from traveling, whether it’s a dreadful virus outbreak or a bit less frightening boss with strict vacation rules, forget about it! You can still have memorable travel experiences from the comfort of your own home. And no need to request any day-offs!

Thanks to online experiences feature that Airbnb rolled out for people in isolation, we can now attend various cultural activities whenever we want and make the most of it for only a few bucks.

Just think about all the perks!

  • No expensive flights
  • No long hours in the airport
  • No need to look and pay for accommodation
  • No worrying about how to get to the right place
  • No crowds and close interactions with strangers
  • Absolute safety as you stay on your couch

Cool, huh? You basically skip all the hassle and enjoy the pure concentrated local experience!

How To Attend Online Experiences?

All the online cultural activities I mention in this post are hosted by Airbnb, and the only thing you need to attend any of them is Zoom. I assume that you already have an Internet connection if you are reading this right now.

girl attending online cultural activities from home
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

If you haven’t used Airbnb yet, it’s a well-known platform to find accommodation anywhere in the world. I use it a lot in my travels for both weekend getaways and month-long journeys and feel very safe staying in any country thanks to how it works. You can find the best places to stay according to the real travelers’ reviews, images, location, and price.

Another cool thing is that some hosts offer crazy discounts if you book two weeks or a month in a row. 60-70 percent off is not a rare thing, and I make a good use of it as I prefer longer trips.

But enough about accommodations, let’s talk cultural activities!

Anyways, I suggest you use my link to sign up if you don’t have an account yet! It’s free and you’ll get $41 off your first stay and $15 off your first experience. It sounds like a great deal to me.

As I said, to attend any online experience you need Zoom. It’s a free (to some extent) tool for online conferencing that is used by Airbnb to host all the events. You only need to register and then the host gives you the link to the conference room. For a better experience, you might need a web-camera, which I believe any device has these days, and any headphones with a microphone, which you probably also own already.

And that’s all you need guys! Spare an hour or two from your day and go choose your first cultural activity to attend!

Here they are, 50 Online Cultural Activities To Explore The World From Home!

Best Local Stories And Cultural Walks Online

Wandering around the city is the most common way to see and feel the local lifestyle. However, you get a much more insightful experience when you walk with a local!

I always look for interesting guided tours when I travel and it’s always worth it! Most of the time I either look for free walking tours or explore the local opportunities at GetYourGuide. The knowledgeable local guide takes your journey to another level and takes you to places you would never discover by yourself.

Here I hand-picked the best online cultural activities where you’ll learn through either historical walks or by listening to interesting stories and legends. You won’t find two similar things here as each one has its own twist and unique perspective!

1. Caravaggio in Rome, A Virtual Tour

Walk around Rome using Google Earth with a professional, passionate, and knowledgeable Italian guide. Together you’ll follow the footsteps of a famous painter Caravaggio, see his best work, learn about his adventurous life, and explore the beautiful European capital.

Is there a better way to see Rome than by taking part in an interesting art walk? I doubt that!

rome virtual tour
virtual tour rome

Hosted from: Rome, Italy
Cost: $14

2. Back in Time with My WW II Pen Pal

Join an online tea party in Berlin and go back in time to the 1930s. You’ll hear a real story of a Jewish boy who had a fascinating life full of unbelievable coincidences and happy escapes. It appears that he even met Hitler and later ended up being penpals with the host of this online experience.

She happens to live in his old house and now even rose bushes in her courtyard can tell a touching story! Guests call her a wonderful storyteller and claim to have had an engaging experience.

old war time typewriter in germany
german old letters

Hosted from: Berlin, Germany
Cost: $12

3. Meet the Dogs of Chernobyl

During this interactive experience, you’ll meet and ‘feed’ the lonely descendants of the dogs abandoned after the nuclear accident in Ukraine. You’ll walk around dangerous Chernobyl Exclusion Zone while staying safe on your own sofa!

The host will tell you about the mission behind his program The Dogs of Chernobyl while showing you the territory and reactor itself. You’ll learn the history of the place as well as the current situation there.

And all of this while meeting the cutest Ukrainian dogs on the way!

chornobyl dogs experience
lonely dog in chornobyl

Hosted from: Chornobyl, Ukraine
Cost: $52

4. Barcelona Storytelling with Crafts

If you are looking for more creative family activities to do at home, this online experience with a Spanish guide is perfect for you! Listening to local stories from Barcelona countryside while working on fun art projects is definitely one of the engaging and fun things to do with kids!

You’ll listen to an old Spanish legend about an imprisoned bandit and make a fun craft project that is similar to one that helped him escape. This is a great way to engage your children in cultural activities while working on their creative development.

barcelona craft experience
barcelona crafts with kids

Hosted from: Barcelona, Spain
Cost: $9

5. Lessons from Apartheid

Listen to an inspiring story behind the historical buildings in the Cape Town. A local guide from South Africa who were raised there will tell you all about apartheid. You get to know how it was from historical point of view as well as hear some personal stories from that time.

Join Rickie on this inspiring online experience and dive right into African culture through the eyes of a knowledgeable citizen!

cultural talk from african storyteller online
african stories online experience

Hosted from: Cape Town, South Africa
Cost: $11

6. Get Inside Tokyo Anime & Subcultures

If you call yourself otaku and are interested in Japanese subcultures, you’ll love this specific online experience!

Or maybe you have a friend who loves anime and manga, then this can be a special and unique gift idea! Cultural activities are much cooler and memorable presents than any physical products you might think of!

This Anime tour guide from Tokyo will share some of his hands-on knowledge of local subcultures. He’ll give you some tips on the subjects you are interested in, recommend different places for Anime oriented tourism, and tell you about the popular hanging spots for local otaku. Enjoy!

tokyo anime cultural activities

Hosted from: Tokyo, Japan
Cost: $15

7. Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague

This one is as cultural as it can get from home!

Not only you’ll have a walking tour around Prague, but you’ll follow a plague doctor from the 18th century who was fighting this deadly illness. This is one of those scary but fun cultural activities you’ll never forget!

Together you’ll wander the dark streets of Czech capital while visiting the famous Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Old Square, old hospitals, and more. Don’t know what to do when stuck at home? Why not travel in time!

plague doctor in prague cultural activity
cultural walk plague doctor in prague

Hosted from: Prague, Czech Republic
Cost: $17

8. Cultural Journey Through London Chinatown

Another one of interactive and fun family activities to do at home! You’ll get to visit Chinatown district in London, uncover some hidden gems of the neighborhood, and learn a lot of insights about this community and their culture.

Every Wednesday there is a lower price spot available for those who can’t afford to travel much. You can also reserve a private session if you’d like to bring your family or friends and enjoy this local experience together without any interactions with strangers!

chinatown london cultural walk online journey
chinatown visit in london online

Hosted from: London, United Kingdom
Cost: from $7

9. The Medici Escape Room

I’m a big fan of quest rooms, are you? I must have visited dozens in my home country but haven’t got a chance yet to participate in any of such unique and immersive cultural activities while traveling because most of them are in the local language. Well, this is not the case here!

You might think that to take part in something like this you need to actually be in a room. Although it obviously helps to get the immersive experience, as you’ll see in this event it’s not mandatory! Apparently, you can not only travel to Florence but also go on a city quest with riddles and tricky questions that will help you learn the local culture in a fun imaginative way. And all of this while staying at home and maybe even wearing your pajamas!

fun escape room online florence
fun escape room online florence experience

Hosted from: Florence, Italy
Cost: $14

10. 7 Wonders of Lisbon

With a passionate tour guide and architect from Lisbon, you’ll discover the best of what this sunny capital has to offer. He’ll walk you through picturesque districts and Sardines festival, introduce you to traditional Portugal food, sweets, and wine and tell some stories about unique local cultural differences.

Virtually leave your home for an hour or two and immerse into this authentic local experience in Portugal!

lisbon walking tour online food and culture
lisbon cultural walking tour online

Hosted from: Lisbon, Portugal
Cost: $9

Wonderful Spiritual Cultural Activities For Your Soul

To feel the country you don’t necessarily need to wander around with a guide or listen to scary legends. Sometimes you can get much deeper connection to some nation by taking part in spiritual sessions.

This is a whole other level of experiencing the culture! Some of these are just unique and fun things to do at home, others are more serious and inspirational. Many may give you some insights on your future or help better understand yourself.

In any case, all of these cultural activities are somewhat alternative to the usual travel things to do and you’ll probably never forget the unique experience you get while mindfully connecting on the spiritual level.

11. Turkish Fortune Coffee Reading

Such a fun and interesting way to spruce up your identical days at home!

The host’s name is Uluç and in recent years he had over two thousand guests visiting his home for a cup of coffee and a personalized reading afterward. He knows all about Turkish coffee and will tell you your fortune when you finish a nice cup of this rich drink.

This online experience is one of those fun activities for adults that help you connect with your family and friends or have some light-hearted fun time with your colleagues, so consider taking someone else with you!

Guests claim they had an insightful and entertaining time bonding with friends as Uluç was reading their coffee remainings. Charming and fragrant, as Turkey is.

coffee reading online experience
turkish coffee reading online experience

Hosted from: New York, United States
Cost: $25

12. Guided Meditation with Sleepy Sheep

Well, this is something I’m sure you never experienced before!

You get to meet the playful British sheep in their home barn, watch them eat, sleep and interact as much as technology allows you. Bring a snack along as you might get hungry while closely observing them having their lunch!

During this unique rural cultural activity you’ll listen to stories and fun facts about sheep and then learn to deeply relax and unwind with some breathing exercises. In the end you are up for a soothing experience of guided meditation to calm your mind and connect with your soul.

online travel from home sheep meditation
online guided meditation experience with sheep from British culture

Hosted from: Stirling, United Kingdom
Cost: $17

13. Personal Astrology Workshop

Have you ever been curious about astrology? At least you don’t mix it with astronomy, right?

This online workshop will help you understand the planet situation that was happening on your birth date and how it might affect your whole life. You’ll draw your own personalized natal chart and get to know how to connect with your astrological energies.

Another insightful cultural activity, this time from the heart of Portugal!

personal astrology workshop online

Hosted from: Lisboa, Portugal
Cost: $51

14. Meditative Yoga and Slow Life Coaching

Participating in a meditative yoga session is a great way to escape your boring day-to-day routine, calm down during a stressful time, and release the tension in your body and mind.

You don’t need any kind of previous experience for this class! It’s supposed to teach you some effective techniques to take care of your soul as well as give you some introduction into a Slow Life concept.

Relax and enjoy this spiritual class from Italy given by a certified yoga instructor and slow life coach!

online yoga slow life experience
online yoga meditation experience

Hosted from: Florence, Italy
Cost: $17

Also, make sure to check out another cool online yoga class that includes a lecture on yoga philosophy!

15. Remote Rescue Goats

We already meditated with sheep above, why not go to see goats now?

Visit an animal sanctuary and get close to the lovely rescued goats! You’ll hear the background story for each of them, how they were rescued, and discover some of their preferences and different personalities.

Not one of your usual home activities, for sure! Come and share some love!

rescue goats cultural activity
rescue goats online experience

Hosted from: Napanoch, United States
Cost: $10

16. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk

How about a meditation session together with a real Buddhist monk?

This event is hosted by a Japanese guy who will share how he became a Buddhist monk and his ‘why’ behind this life changing decision. He’ll teach you two common meditation techniques he incorporates in his daily life. You’ll practice chanting mantras and learn some breathing meditations.

If you were always curious about meditation, now you can gain a further understanding of it from someone who has truly mastered this skill.

meditation with japanese buddhist monk
japanese buddhist monk meditating online cultural activity

Hosted from: Osaka, Japan
Cost: $10

17. Tarot Reading with Mak Jagger

Get a personalized tarot reading from an experienced professional!

With a passionate and intuitive host who practices this her whole life, you’ll be able to relax and further connect with your inner self. Yet another unusual idea of fun stuff to do at home to your collection!

During two hours in this magical setting, you’ll learn some history and interesting details about tarot purpose and then pick the cards that will tell your personal story. Such a therapeutic and insightful spiritual activity to attend!

tarot reading online
tarot reading cultural activity

Hosted from: Austin, United States
Cost: $45

18. Goal Setting with Olympic Gold Medalist

When it comes to planning your future, you have to take it in your own hands. And who can give you a better guidance than someone who has already achieved plenty?

This online experience is hosted by a professional swimmer who competed against the best athletes of the world and has already won an Olympic Gold Metal!

During an hour-long session she will share her journey and some real-life inspirational stories. Then she’ll teach you how to build a winner mindset so you can achieve all your goals and how to train your mind to believe in yourself no matter what!

goal setting with olympic medalist
goal setting online activity

Hosted from: Scottsdale, United States
Cost: $44

19. Write Inspired by Intuition

Ready to get some inspiration from a professional Emmy-nominated screenwriter?

At this short one-hour session you’ll discuss the idea of intuitive writing, get some time frames to write about specific topic, and then receive some feedback and professional guidance when you share what you came up with. And who doesn’t love an honest feedback?

Many attendees of this online activity were surprised by the amount of inspiration, insights, and creative vibes they got from it. Check it out yourself!

writing inspiration online experience
writing inspiration online activity

Hosted from: Los Angeles, United States
Cost: $19

20. Cello Meditation Concert

Travel to Amsterdam to attend a private cello meditation concert!

Beautiful live instrumental music will be an amazing spiritual background for a meditation session. Each piece of this practice incorporates various tunes that represent different emotions you might experience while listening. You’ll learn to connect to yourself through meditation guided by music and deeply understand your personal feelings.

cello meditation concert netherlands online cultural activity
cello meditation cultural concert online cultural experience

Hosted from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cost: $6

Top Mouthwatering Cooking Classes Online

After dealing with your soul and emotions, now it’s time to please your belly! Choose from the variety of online cooking classes from different countries that you can attend from your own kitchen!

Cooking master classes are at the top of my list of cultural activities I aim for experiencing in every country I visit. During my last trip, I learned a lot about Sri Lankan food thanks to an amazing cooking class I found in Kandy.

Today we are blessed with all of these opportunities to learn the best foreign recipes from the locals without the need to travel. It’s truly wonderful how unique cultural activities are easy and available for everyone these days!

21. Wine Class with a Cool Wine Expert

This class is obviously for wine lovers. If you don’t drink, skip right to the next one! In any case, cheese and wine always go well together, so I recommend checking them both.

During this one-hour wine tasting online session you’ll gain some knowledge about wine (well, duh), understand how to pair different kinds of it with food, and learn how to make better choices while shopping to make the best of your budget.

Personally, I would love to hear about the common mistakes and never buy a bottle of stuff that tastes like vinegar anymore. Have you ever bought some disgusting wine? Share your stories in the comments!

wine class online experience portugal
wine tasting online experience portugal

Hosted from: Porto, Portugal
Cost: $22

22. Ricotta Cheesemaking in Sonoma

Have you ever made your own cheese? I definitely haven’t (yet)!

This cheese making cooking class guides your through step-by-step process of making ricotta. You’ll get a shopping list in advance to get all the necessary ingredients and when the time comes, will dive right into the exciting cheese making process.

It might appear to be much easier than you expected as you’ll be taught by a professional cook with tons of experience in training others. She’ll even take you to her garden to show some edible flowers that go well with ricotta! You may bring some wine or tea as in the end you’ll eat these delicious homemade treats together and discuss the realities of life in a beautiful wine country.

ricotta cheesemaking class online
ricotta making cheese cooking class online

Hosted from: Petaluma, United States
Cost: $18

23. GINspiration History & Cocktails at Home

Such a great way to reconnect and bond with friends that you haven’t seen for a while! An online cocktail party is among those fun activities for adults that you can enjoy and don’t have to organize yourself!

This host is not just your common bartender, he is a professional cocktail maker who takes part in national championships around the United Kingdom. Did you know there was such a thing?

You’ll learn some history about gin, try a few cocktail recipes, and have a lot of fun with the host and your friends! This is one of the perfect remote activities to unwind and have a great time at home during isolation.

gin cocktails cooking class online party
online cocktail party

Hosted from: Bath, United Kingdom
Cost: $21

24. Farm to Table from the Mediterranean

Go on a tour around the typical Croatian farm and learn all about the olive oil! It’s an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine and one of the most common ingredients you’ll find on a Croatian kitchen.

As you ‘walk’ around the olive oil orchard, you’ll learn about the production of top-quality olive oil, hear some agricultural secrets, and see plenty of old traditional tools that are or were used in the oil-making process.

Before attending this fragrant cultural activity, make sure you have some olive oil at home! This experience includes a tasting part where you’ll learn how to distinguish high-quality olive oil from the rest.

oil mediterranean cooking class online
oil Mediterranean cooking class

Hosted from: Klis, Croatia
Cost: $15

25. Comfort Foods with a Bestselling Author

Learn how to make some guilty-free sweets to treat yourself during stressful times!

During this class you’ll make two delicious desserts in one hour: gluten-free brownies and ice cream pops! Some guests claim them to be best brownies in their life!

As a bonus, you also get a copy of a host’s book with a hundred relatively easy recipes that let you cut the sugar while still satisfy your sweet tooth.

sweets making cooking class online
comfort foods cooking class online

Hosted from: Burlingame, United States
Cost: $20

26. Coffee Masterclass with National Judge

Join this masterclass with a professional coffee taster and immerse into the world of coffee on a whole new level! Directly from Mexico your host Ricardo, who is a judge in a national coffee competitions, will teach you awareness in coffee tasting.

After this engaging event, you’ll know how to recognize a good coffee and learn some basic flavor concepts. Guided by someone who really understands the process, you’ll brew you own cup of great coffee and prepare for buying the right beans next time.

More practical and fun home activities for coffee lovers! Your friends will be soon fascinated by your coffee making skills after you attend a couple of events like this!

coffee masterclass experience online
mexican coffee masterclass online

Hosted from: Mexico City, Mexico
Cost: $4

27. Pasta with the Grandmas

Who doesn’t love pasta? Definitely not Italians!

This cooking class is organized by a team of five Italian grandmothers! Along with their granddaughters and occasionally some other family members, they teach you to cook different kinds of pasta on different days of the week. How cool is that?

You can literally take this pasta making class every single day for a week – and it will never be the same! So you ‘come’ to one Italian house on Tuesday to make farfalle – and then get welcomed to another Italian house on Saturday to make green fettuccine. If you prefer lasagne, join on Friday! Make sure to check things before booking in case they change the schedule.

I would name this one of the most authentic cultural activities possible!

grandma making homemade pasta at a cooking class from italy
homemade pasta cooking class italy

Hosted from: Palombara Sabina, Italy
Cost: $28

28. Sangria and Secrets with Drag Queens

Well, this one will not leave you bored at home!

Not only you get to make the best sangria in your life with your own hands, but as a backdrop for this experience you’ll watch an unforgettable cabaret-style live show!

Another cool and energizing online cocktail party to virtually connect with your friends or colleagues while learning something new!

sangria cocktail party online experience
sangria cocktail party cabaret online experience

Hosted from: Lisboa, Portugal
Cost: $34

29. Sweet Treats with a Mexico City Chef

Spend a couple of hours with a Mexican chef and culinary artist on these sweet local cooking classes! If you are bored at home and don’t know what to do, why not virtually change your environment and dive right in the Mexican cuisine!

You’ll learn how to make three traditional Mexican desserts, one of which is a hot chocolate soup! My mouth is watering already just by looking at pictures from this class. Such a wonderful way to end your day!

mexican sweets cooking class online
mexican sweets cooking class online experience

Hosted from: Mexico City, Mexico
Cost: $20

30. Eastern European Pastries from Grandma’s Recipes

Although the host is based in New York, the food is actually Slovakian.

You’ll learn how to make a traditional Slovakian sourdough pastry called koláč. During 2.5 hours of this baking class, you’ll make a dough, let it rest while making fillings, learn to beautifully shape your pastry, and finally bake until it’s ready to taste. The host will provide you with a list of ingredients and equipment beforehand and then send you a recipe afterward, so you won’t need to stop in the process to make any notes.

Imagine the amazing smell of freshly baked pastry in your kitchen and then go book a class to make it into reality!

eastern european pastries online cooking class
eastern european cultural activity cooking class

Hosted from: New York, United States
Cost: $19

Find even more cooking class ideas here: 7 International Cooking Classes You Can Attend From Home

Best Engaging Cultural Activities For Music Lovers

How much are you into music? Would you fly to a different country to attend the concert of your favorite singer? Or sit in a big opera hall to listen to high-pitched soprano? Or maybe a cool hardcore rock performance is your thing?

I always admired travelers who not only explore every country but dive deep into music or dancing-related cultural activities. If you just walk around and eat, at some point countries or cities might seem very similar, especially if you travel across Europe. But if you find something unique in every place you visit and practice it, you’ll never forget what was where.

[blockquote align=”none” author=”Tim Ferris in ‘The 4-hour workweek'”]…I could be racing motorcycles in Europe, scuba diving off a private island in Panama, resting under a palm tree between kickboxing sessions in Thailand, or dancing tango in Buenos Aires.[/blockquote]

When I read things like this in books, I see the author as a person who does something right. To my opinion, this is the best way to travel and obtain wonderful memories and maybe even new skills from each journey!

These next ten online cultural activities are all about music, dancing, and enjoying whatever the world has to offer – from the comfort of your own living room.

Whether you love jazz, tango, salsa or something else, I got you covered!

31. Tango Concert with Latin Grammy Nominee

To start our music journey across the world, I chose this tango online experience. It’s a live concert from a Grammy-nominated tango singer and her harmonica-playing friend, organized in the intimate home atmosphere.

They welcome you to their home to have a fun and light-hearted cocktail party together. Besides listening live to wonderful Latin music, you’ll hear some cultural stories from the history of tango, that will not leave you unimpressed!

tango concert from buenos aires online
tango cocktail party from buenos aires grammy nominee online

Hosted from: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Cost: $10

Want even more tango? Consider taking a dancing class yourself!

32. Flamenco Dance with Cool Spanish Dancer

I watched a Flamenco show during my trip to Spain last year and couldn’t take my eyes off it. Fast steps and serious faces of dancers made it seem very hard and I was left with the impression that you need to be born with flamenco in your blood to be able to dance like that.

This activity tell us otherwise! It’s a flamenco dancing class given by a real Sevillian professional dancer (right, the one with flamenco in her blood!) who lives by this culture and loves to share her skills with anyone interested. She is a founder of a flamenco dancing school and has lots of experience in teaching first-timers.

Are you up for a cultural challenge?

flamenco online masterclass spain
flamenco dancing class online spain shoes

Hosted from: Seville, Spain
Cost: $12

33. Hidden Houseboat Concert

These guys invite you to their magical houseboat studio in the heart of the Netherlands for a nice hour-long live concert. You get to listen to popular local music, sing along, and maybe even get a short tour of a sustainable urban area in Amsterdam.

They also offer private concerts for a birthday, drink party with friends, or if you just want to cheer up someone during hard times. A perfect way to get rid of any sadness is to absorb some charming positive vibes from these talented European musicians!

netherlands concert online cultural activity
netherlands concert online

Hosted from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cost: $9

34. New Orleans Bounce and Twerk with MoeJoe

Join this online twerk masterclass and learn a new energizing dance routine in a one short hour! You’ll combine different dancing techniques from Louisiana’s culture and then calm down with a session of candle lighting and meditation.

Moe Joe is the founder of a cool dancing and fitness studio that is aimed to connect people by sharing authentic cultural experiences!

twerk dancing online class

Hosted from: New Orleans, United States
Cost: $20

35. Concert from Iceland

This girl has many talents. Not only she is an experienced guide, but also a creative songwriter and guitar player!

She’ll perform her own musical compositions for you and share stories about the life and culture in Iceland. Each month she’ll come up with a new programme so you are welcome to come back and spend more time with this talented musician.

iceland guitar concert online
iceland concert online cultural experience

Hosted from: Reykjavík, Iceland
Cost: $8

36. Unleash the Inner Vixen

How about gaining some confidence while staying at home?

This highly engaging class from a passionate burlesque performer will help you open up more, feel confident inside your body, and maybe find new sides of yourself you never knew existed.

You’ll learn some concepts behind solo burlesque performing, find out how they are so captivating and pick up some fun moves. This unique cultural activity is designed for any age and physique. Less body shaming, more self-love!

burlesque class online cultural activity

Hosted from: Los Angeles, United States
Cost: $15

37. Irish Dance Masterclass

Hop on a virtual flight to Ireland to learn some of their traditional dances!

During this online dancing class you’ll hear some history behind Irish dances, see a couple of different styles performed live by a professional dancer, and then practice some typical moves to start your personal Irish dancing journey. Another one of the fun home activities!

Irish dance class online
learn irish dance online

Hosted from: Galway, Ireland
Cost: $12

38. Puerto Rican Salsa Dance Party

Missing your friends? Why not invite them for a virtual dance party!

This rich cultural class from Puerto Rico will teach you some cocktail recipes as well as traditional ways of casual Latin “street dancing”. The host is a professional musician and experienced dancer from the Caribbean, so she definitely knows how to have fun at home!

salsa dancing party online
salsa dance class party online

Hosted from: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Cost: $15

39. Dance like a K-pop star for Beginners

Are you fond of Korean dancing styles? Then this master class is for you!

Brought to you directly from the capital of South Korea and hosted by a team of professional dancers, this master class will be your first step into Seoul’s modern dancing culture.

There is a daily schedule so you have some specific dancing style options to choose from. But don’t hesitate too long as some of their classes are already fully booked!

korean dancing pop masterclass
korean dancing online class

Hosted from: Seoul, South Korea
Cost: $22

40. The Secret Jazz Club

Another talented band from Netherlands. Apparently, this country is full of gifted musicians that are open to share their love through technology!

These guys love jazz and will happily give you a wonderful performance from their houses. Grab someone you love and join this online experience to spend a memorable evening together with lovely music and vibes!

online jazz concert netherlands

Hosted from: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Cost: $12

Unique Professional Experiences To Pick Up Some Cool Skills

For this category, I picked some alternative experiences that will give you a glimpse of ‘behind the scenes’ into some cool and unique professions.

To be honest, some of these are just random things that caught my attention. Not all of them are really deep cultural activities, but each has an interesting and unique skill to teach you!

41. Secrets of Magic

This online experience from the United Kingdom is one of the coolest family activities to do at home! You actually get to learn magic!

The host is not just any magician, he is a real Guinness World Record breaker in the magic field! He mastered his tricks to the extent that now he can do them blindfolded and still be the best in the world. Cool, huh?

Besides the magic show, you’ll get to know some professional secrets and hear heartwarming stories about the psychology behind this exciting profession.

So grab your kids or friends or just yourself and go participate, I’m sure it’s worth it!

secrets of magic cool online experience
secrets of magic online experience

Hosted from: Berkhamsted, United Kingdom
Cost: $20

42. Meet a Real Life Shark Scientist

Another one of great indoor family activities! Who on earth is not frightened by sharks… but fascinated at the same time?

You get to meet a professional marine biologist who actually practices his science by swimming with the biggest and scariest fish around the world! He’ll share with you some breathtaking stories from his sharks encounters, tell you what’s tricky about underwater filming, and show some real photos and videos from his trips.

You’ll learn how you can help to protect marine ecosystem and get to ask any questions about sharks. This guy probably knows all the answers!

Entertain yourself or use this class as a new idea for your stay at home kid activities! As soon as your child can talk, he or she will love it as much as you will… or more!

shark scientist experience online
shark scientist best cultural activities

Hosted from: Cape Town, South Africa
Cost: $15

43. Skincare and Natural Cosmetics Workshop

A beautiful Italian girl will teach you some important ways to care about your skin. During this online masterclass, you’ll make two scrubs by yourself: one for the face and another one for your body. In the process, she’ll share some tips on self-care and how to stay naturally beautiful!

You may ask questions about your skin type as she is a knowledgeable expert. As a bonus, she only uses organic ingredients with the environment in mind!

skincare and natural cosmetics masterclass

Hosted from: Milano, Italy
Cost: $12

44. What It’s Like to Be an Olympic Bobsledder

Have you ever talked to an Olympic champion?

This online activity gives you a full hour to connect with a world champion in the bobsled sport! There is plenty to learn from such person: from a workout routine and daily nutrition to obtaining a champion mindset. You get to see a real Olympic medal, hear about her personal journey, and most likely learn a lot about bobsled!

olympic champion online talk
olympic champion online experience

Hosted from: Los Angeles, United States
Cost: $30

45. Propagating Plants with Hilton Carter

Well, this is one of the very practical home activities.

Home plants are widely used in every culture. You can rest assured that if you get invited to any home around the world, there most likely will be some plants inside. Even if it’s just cactuses or moss!

Propagation is a great way to make your home greener without wasting any money on buying new plants. The coolest part is to watch them grow from the tiny little pieces into a beautiful garden! This workshop teaches you a good useful skill and helps you care more about your home plant.

Just bring your plant and start propagating already!

plants propagating process online
plants propagation workshop online

Hosted from: Baltimore, United States
Cost: $35

46. The Art of Mime with a Parisian Master

If you think mime’s job is simple, go to this workshop and try it yourself! You’ll be blown away by how hard this skill is and how much you can learn before becoming decent in this field.

This lesson is given by a professional mime from Paris who mastered this art and then spent dozens of years teaching it to others. He even has his own international school for future mimes!

You’ll learn some seemingly simple basic gestures and theatrical techniques. Such a fun home activity for basically anybody!

mime art masterclass online

Hosted from: Paris, France
Cost: $17

47. Secrets of Hollywood Sound FX

Did you know how much sound effects alone can change the mood of a whole scene? Try to watch some full of action movie episode on mute. If you did, you probably appreciate a lot the hard work of creative sound effect artists.

Whether you heard the term Foley before or not (I haven’t!), you’ll definitely learn tons from someone who has experience creating sound effects for the major movie studios like Warner Bros or Disney.

This one if one of those coolest professional cultural activities you’ll hardly find anywhere else!

hollywood sound secrets
hollywood sound effects secrets online

Hosted from: Los Angeles, United States
Cost: $39

48. Backstage with a Magician

Yes, we already covered magic, but this one is different. You don’t get to learn any tricks this time unless you are highly attentive.

Instead, you’ll be taken on a behind the scenes tour of a professional magician’s life. It starts with engaging tricks and storytelling, and ends with a spectacular interactive performance where you’ll pick cards and feel amazed every minute.

Hey, are you still looking for fun stuff to do at home? Stop looking already and go participate in something wonderful!

backstage magician online experience

Hosted from: New York, United States
Cost: $25

49. Personalized Interior Design Workshop

Even if you are a full-time traveler, you probably have a place you call home. This class will teach you how to make it the coziest, personal, and inspiring space where you’ll feel excited to live and welcome your guests.

It’s not about crushing the walls, but the little things you can do here and there that make a big difference! You’ll be guided into your own journey of finding your personal style and rearranging your space to make the most of it.

how to make your home cozy online
interior design workshop online

Hosted from: San Francisco, United States
Cost: $29

50. Drawn from Within with a New York Artist

My final workshop is given by an educated artist from New York City who had his own exhibitions in the Big Apple and worked on projects for huge corporations around the world.

No doubt this guy can sketch! He’ll teach you how to find your creative flow and will lead you and others into the process of connecting with your inner selves through the art of sketching.

drawing sketches online workshop

Hosted from: New York, United States
Cost: $25

Final Thoughts About Online Cultural Activities For Travelers

Well, these were some fun ideas for things to do at home! I hope you found something you’d like to spruce up you days with.

Tell me in the comments which cultural experiences from this list you want to attend! I’d probably participate in every single one of them if I could! Or maybe you’ve already tried something? Share your impressions too!

You can’t travel without embracing the local culture, but you absolutely can engage in cultural activities without the actual traveling!

Each country is unique and has something to offer for curious tourists, this is why it’s so amazing to have such opportunities to “travel” and do all these cool things from home.

Enjoy the cultural diversity of the whole world!

And don’t forget to pin this for when you have another boring day at home. These experiences would also make a great gift for anyone!

50 cultural activities for travelers online
50 online cultural activities for travelers

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Curls en Route May 13, 2020 - 3:02 pm

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:32 pm

It is! I think we are allowed to have some fun even when the whole world is a disaster. Right?

Rebecca @ Busy Mom Smart Mom May 13, 2020 - 3:04 pm

Love these ideas! I just wrote something similar on virtual vacations to take with kids and you’ve got some amazing suggestions. It’s crazy how much of the world you can experience from home!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:37 pm

Yes, I’m so glad we have all of these opportunities! I just checked out your post, a lot of cool ideas! But I should say, safari doesn’t have to cost that much and I think it’s worth it to go in person when this all ends! I’m gonna write about my recent Sri Lankan safari soon and I’ll try to include some expenses too so people are not frightened by this!

Heather Ritchie May 13, 2020 - 7:17 pm

I love this post and it’s great ANY time for people like me who have health problems and don’t travel much. I would never have found these fun things if you hadn’t written this post! On my list:
Caravaggio in Rome, A Virtual Tour
Tarot Reading with Mak Jagger
Personalized Interior Design Workshop
Just to name a few! Thank you!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:45 pm

Hi Heather, I’m so glad this post helped you! We all deserve to travel no matter the health, money, or epidemics. Interior design workshop is not really about travel, but it’s still a fun activity to do when stuck at home so I decided to include it anyway. Please come back to share after you attend some of these!

MICHELLE MOYER May 13, 2020 - 11:57 pm

oh my goodness!! There are so many ideas here!! I think I will try out the dancing classes. It might be better this way than in person so that I can do it in the privacy of my home and avoid the laughs of others, lol!!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:52 pm

Hi Michelle, thanks, I was excited to put all of these ideas together! Have you ever experienced people laughing or just afraid it may happen? I’ve attended a couple of dancing classes in person and usually if it’s a newbie group everyone is quite bad and not flexible and concentrates a lot on their own moves instead of watching others or laughing. Actually I think it’s quite a similar experience when you dance online as every other guest probably sees you on their computer screen 🙂
Anyway, don’t worry what other people think, especially strangers! You are going to pick up a new skill, so just do your thing and improve every day 🙂

Fiona May 14, 2020 - 7:37 am

Wow! That’s an amazing list, it is so crazy to think how much of the world you can “see” without leaving your house!! Great article. Thanks for sharing your list.

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:53 pm

Thank you Fiona, I appreciate it! The world is amazing and we are a happy generation that can leverage technology to see more of it.

Gina May 15, 2020 - 7:00 pm

Wow! This was an awesome post! You worked very hard to get this together. Thank you!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 16, 2020 - 11:54 pm

Indeed I did, thanks Gina!

Samantha May 16, 2020 - 7:25 pm

Thank you for this list! I can tell you put a lot of time and energy into it!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 17, 2020 - 12:03 am

Thanks Samantha, I did! Hope it helps my readers not to get bored at home during isolation and still kinda travel a bit.

Or May 16, 2020 - 8:51 pm

That’s a really creative post! You’ve got some cool ideas here that I’d love to try. Thanks so much for sharing!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 17, 2020 - 12:04 am

You are welcome, enjoy! Feel free to come and share your impressions after you attend some of these experiences!

Farrah May 17, 2020 - 2:24 am

I’m so glad for technology right now–I really miss traveling! I’m glad there are so many places to “travel” to online. Thanks for putting this list together!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 17, 2020 - 2:37 am

Thanks Farrah, I miss it too! But we have to be grateful for all these opportunities that we still have even in the darkest times 🙂

Wellness Travel Diaries May 17, 2020 - 2:51 am

Wow! There’s so many cultural experiences it’s hard to choose just one. I’d probably participate in all of them too, starting with either the salsa lessons, or the K-Pop. I love dancing so I’d start there 🙂

Juliet Dreamhunter May 17, 2020 - 9:01 pm

You don’t need to choose one! Come back and try something new whenever you are bored at home or missing cultural experience!

Miriam Menkarius May 17, 2020 - 8:58 pm

Wow I can’t wait to try some of these experiences! Thanks for this article!

Juliet Dreamhunter May 17, 2020 - 9:02 pm

Thanks Miriam, I’m glad it’s helpful! I guess everyone can find something that suits them as there are so many cool options!

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