what to pack for a weekend retreat

What To Pack For A Weekend Retreat [Ultimate Packing List]

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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So you finally booked that great getaway you’ve been wishing for a long time, sounds great!

If you aren’t sure what to pack for a weekend retreat, don’t worry, here is the ultimate list of things you need. I got you covered for different kinds of retreats and all the possible weather situations.

Without further ado, here goes your full retreat packing list, enjoy!

What to pack for a wellness retreat – General list

What to pack for a wellness retreat
Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

Extra-Important Stuff

Here come the usual things that are easy to forget but hard to be without.

  • passport/driving license to verify your identity
  • printed reservation for your retreat just in case
  • your phone with a charger
  • cash or credit card
  • powerbank
  • universal adapter if you travel internationally
  • earbuds

Journaling Kit

Even though it’s just a weekend, it’s your time to unwind! Relax, enjoy the agenda, and write down your feelings and thoughts along the way.

When your soul is in the right place and your body is well-rested, you can finally get the clarity. Let all the clutter go off your head, put it on paper, you’ll feel much better and less stressed right away.

Where you want your life to go? What are the things you don’t enjoy about the current state of things? What is holding you back? Write it down and let it go. A good journaling kit lets you clear your head and be open to all the goodies your weekend retreat has to offer!

Medical Kit

A medical kit is literally a life-saver!

Usually, I would have a whole list of medical items to pack for every trip, but a kit like this replaces it all. You could just grab it and put it in your bag as is every time you are going somewhere. It contains all the essentials you might need: from aspirin and sunscreen to tape rolls and bandages. Anything can happen and you better be safe than sorry!

For a short trip like your weekend retreat, you may not need all of it if you go alone, but re-packing half of it into a smaller bag is still much easier than thinking about and purchasing each item separately. And of course, as per Murphy’s law, you’ll need that only one little thing you forgot! So don’t overthink it and let a medical kit keep you healthy.


This depends on your retreat type. If you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, or hiking for a sunset, a bright headlamp that keeps your hands free might be a good idea. But if you are up to a spa weekend in a luxury hotel, you can totally skip this point!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is important! Say no to plastic bottles and bring your own one. My all-time favorite is the Nomader water bottle that is leak-proof and collapsible. You can bring it with you to the beach, pool, spa, hike, yoga practice, and any other activity you have in mind!

Tote Bag

You don’t want to unpack everything just so you can use that bag to carry things around the retreat. Pack a lightweight extra tote bag in which you can quickly put some essentials before going on your next relaxing session! I love these cheesy motivational bags that make you instantly feel better about yourself every time you see them.

Lightweight Blanket

It might get cold when you least expect it! Whether on a plane or during an early meditation session, a good travel blanket will keep you warm at all times!


You never know when you might be needing these, so better always have them close. If you roommate is snoring or your neighbor thinks that retreat is an all-night-long party, you will pull your earbuds and still get a good night’s sleep. It’s a wellness retreat, after all, so prepare to stay well no matter what!


Even if you are staying in an all-inclusive resort with all food courses covered, there might be times when you still get hungry. Whether relaxing late at your hotel room or when you need to grab a quick bite before a sunrise yoga session, healthy snack bars got you covered! It’s even cheaper if you have a snack subscription and build your own boxes with favorite tastes!

Microfiber Towel

Bringing your own fast-drying towel is always a good idea. You can take it to the spa, beach, pool, hot yoga session, or just use in the room when you wash your hands. Especially useful for nature retreats where facilities aren’t that great!

Books or E-Reader

Where else if not on a retreat you will have time to relax and read a book? With all my love to paper books, I prefer to leave them safe at home. My Kindle travels with me everywhere as it weighs nothing, takes no space at all, has however many books I need, and is also waterproof! Which hardcover book can compete with that?!

Insect Repellent

If you are going to spend any time outdoors, you absolutely NEED an insect repellent! Don’t let those little monsters spoil your precious weekend!

Disinfecting Wipes / Hand Sanitizer

There are many cases on a retreat, especially on nature one, when you can’t wash your hands right away. That’s when disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers come in handy! They keep you away from germs and clean your hands in a no-soap situation. Choose a spray sanitizer instead of gel one so you can also use it on surfaces.


You can skip makeup altogether if you are up for it, but you might still need your shampoo, your face care stuff, a toothbrush, travel-sized shower gel, your hairbrush, and other daily things. You don’t want to fall out of your healthy routine even just for a few days – it’s much easier to stick to it than to come back on track afterward.

Personal Hygiene Stuff

Going away for a weekend, you don’t wanna worry about trivial things that might happen. Pack a few of your favorite feminine pads or tampons, a menstrual cup, an intimate wash, and whatever else you need to keep you clean and fresh even on those days!

Natural Deodorant

You feel good when you smell good! Or at least don’t smell bad. I prefer natural crystal sticks, but feel free to use your favorite brand that doesn’t leave stains and keeps you fresh and odorless through the day.

Laundry Bag

You are going to some wonderful place to rest and you shouldn’t think about chores there. It is absolutely ok to do the laundry after you come back. Just bring enough underwear for a weekend and a spare bag to separate used ones. When you have a special laundry bag, you can just throw it into your washing machine without even opening it!

What to wear to a retreat – Comfy clothing for your relaxing weekend

What to wear to a retreat
Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

A couple of T-Shirts

Any of your favorite t-shirt will be fine as long as your feel comfortable in it. I prefer to wear motivational and peaceful shirts with nice sayings for weekend getaways to keep my spirit up and stay even more positive through the whole trip!


Whichever clothes from your wardrobe make you feel comfy and relaxed, that’s what you wanna pack. One pair of your favorite soft sweatpants is (honestly!) enough for a weekend away! Don’t bring anything fancy, these couple of days are all about you and not caring what others may think!

Comfy Sneakers

A retreat is supposed to let you rest, and your feet should have that rest too! Don’t bring heals for a weekend retreat, it’s not a fashion show. A nice pair of comfy snickers should do the trick.


You won’t always be in SPA or on your yoga lessons! Bring some casual clothes for eating and walking around in your free time. Don’t forget to pack at least one long-sleeve clothing item for chill early mornings. It also saves you from unwanted mosquito bites at night!


Is there some spare pool time in your program for the weekend? If so, pack a swimming suit (or two), a high-SPF sunscreen, and a pair of cool sunglasses. You’ll also need a bikini if you have some SPA treatments on your agenda!


Don’t forget to pack your sleepwear so you don’t have to sleep in your underwear or jeans. I did both and really missed my comfy pajamas on those nights!

Enough Underwear for 2 to 3 Days

Not that I need to comment on this, but you don’t wanna think about doing laundry on a wellness retreat! Pack enough bottoms and make the most of your carefree time away.

Rain Jacket

Purchase one good waterproof jacket that is lightweight, can fit in a small bag, and will protect you from rain, wind, and other bad weather situations. Now you don’t have to sit in the room even if it happens to rain all weekend (I hope it doesn’t!).

What to bring to a yoga retreat – Come fully prepared for those sun salutations

What to bring to a yoga retreat
Photo by Kaylee Garrett on Unsplash


You can’t do yoga without leggings! I love these ripped ones as they look cool and professional even if you are going on your first retreat ever!

Sports Bra

A good racerback sports bra will support you during all kinds of sports activities. If you ever had your normal bra unhooked during a workout, you know why you need this!

Tank Tops

I love those flowy tank tops that you can put on over your sports bra and look all chic and professional!

Long Sleeve Top

Depending on the weather, you may need something warmer to put on top of your sports bra for early morning practice or windy outdoor lessons. A long sleeve top with a motivational saying is something that will also bring your mood up and help you get out of bed for that practice. Don’t count on sunshine, you can still freeze in the morning breeze.

Yoga Mat

They usually provide you with a mat on yoga retreats, but I prefer to use my own as it’s beautiful and doesn’t have anyone else’s sweat in it. Retreat or not, I always travel with my Manduka ecoLite Travel Mat and love love love it!

Carry Bag For Your Yoga Mat

If you bring your own yoga mat, you need to carry it somehow. It tends to unroll so you need either straps or a carry bag. I prefer the latter as it prevents your mat from getting dirty (it’s much easier to clean a bag than a mat!) and usually has some pockets for things like your smartphone or room keys so you don’t need to bring another bag for your class.

Universal Shoes

These shoes are made to protect your feet in every situation. You can have a walk in the forest, attend a yoga lesson, and even swim in them. They will keep you safe on bumpy roads, cobblestone streets, shell beaches, and even hot sand! I can go on and on about all the ways you can use them, but you better purchase a pair and see for yourself!

Also, you don’t need to bring slippers for your hotel if you have these shoes!

Hair Scrunchies

A hair scrunchie is something I tend to forget to bring for my yoga lessons and end up sweeping the floor with my hear in every forward bend. If you have short hair, count yourself lucky and skip this point! Cord hair ties or hair elastics will do the trick, just make sure to throw something into your bag to hold your hair.

Meditation Pillow

Are you going to have meditation sessions and sit on the floor a lot? Bring a portable seat cushion that will save you from back pain, take care of your posture, and prevent you from sitting on a hard surface and not being able to relax your mind. You can continue using it in your car or on your office chair after the retreat!

What to pack for a winter retreat – Enjoy a warm and cozy weekend

What to pack for a winter retreat
Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

Thermal Underwear

Whether you planned a winter getaway or just headed for a cold destination, good quality thermal underwear is a must-have item in your luggage. It will keep you warm when it’s freezing outside and can be used as pajamas when you are inside.

Cozy Sweater

For a freezing winter weather, a cozy turtleneck sweater is a must! Not only is it warm, but also elegant and stylish.

Warm Scarf

What is the most important thing on a weekend retreat? Feeling good! A plaid scarf basically gives you a warm hug while protecting you from windy weather and sneaky drafts!

Warm Socks

You can’t feel warm unless your feet are warm! Covering your feet is one of the first things to take care of during winter so you don’t catch a cold on your wonderful getaway weekend. Pack a couple of pairs of your favorite wool socks and stay healthy while having your fun days away!

Winter Coat

You gotta cover up if you planned a weekend retreat in winter! This Columbia winter jacket has got great reviews for living up to people’s expectations!

Knit Beanie Hat

A warm knit beanie hat looks good and keeps you warm for all your outside activities.


As I mentioned feet already, I can’t forget to cover hands too. Unless you plan to spend a whole weekend inside, a pair of warm wool gloves needs to make it to your retreat bag!

Hair Dryer

There is nothing worse than catching a cold at a wellness retreat! Pack a foldable hair dryer and don’t walk around in winter with wet hair.

Final tips for packing for a weekend retreat

tips for packing for a weekend retreat
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

These were all the things you need for a great weekend retreat. You may not need all of them depending on the time of year, but I’ve included different options so you come prepared. Also, take into consideration your accommodation type. They might provide you with some of the mentioned items so you don’t need to bring your own.

Anyway, you shouldn’t worry too much as it’s only a couple of days! Even if you forget something (although I’ve created this extensive list to make sure you don’t), you can absolutely live without it through the weekend. Just pack the essentials I listed at the top first and don’t forget your good mood and positive attitude.

Have a great weekend, I’m sure it will be awesome!

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