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27 Best Practical & Thoughtful Gifts For Entrepreneurs

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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A well-thought practical gift is much more appreciated than another dust collector, especially for a hardworking business person. Below you’ll find 27 best gifts for entrepreneurs that will show your support on their hustling journey!

From productive gadgets and organization tools to inspiring books to home office decor, all of these ideas should be very well received and used on a daily basis.

Someone who builds a business will likely have different priorities compared to an office worker or a housewife. That’s why it’s important to find a thoughtful gift that will be utilized in day-to-day life and not forgotten somewhere deep in the garage.

So here are 27 best gift ideas for an entrepreneur in your life!

Best productive gifts for entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs want to invest their time as effectively as possible. For such a person, being productive directly reflects in better results and an ownership of a thriving business. There are lots of tools that can improve their productivity at work as well as save time by simplifying chores related to cleaning or cooking.

To illustrate this, here are some really useful gift ideas for entrepreneurs who value their time!

1. Business planner

Having clearly set goals and plans is critical for every business. Without having a vision for the future, and defining the next steps, you can’t expect any growth: both business and personal life will stay the same at best. That’s why your life gets so much easier and your path clearer with a good productivity planner! Here is a good selection of 12 best planners you can choose from.

2. Charging station

Modern-age entrepreneurs have plenty of devices that run out of juice rather quickly. Help your friend to always stay on track with each gadget’s battery life by gifting an easy-to-use charging station like this.

3. Reusable notebook

Digital note-taking options take over the world but sometimes it’s just easier to quickly scribble something on a piece of paper. A reusable notebook can simply be one of the best gifts for entrepreneurs as it allows you to write and draw whatever you need in it and then clean the surface and have an empty notebook again. Seems to also be great for keeping secrets and not leaving a paper trail after brainstorming ideas! And did I mention there is an app to quickly save your notes to the cloud?

If you are looking for something simpler, a classic Moleskine notebook will always be appreciated.

4. Noise-canceling headphones

When various distractions make it hard to concentrate, a pair of noise-canceling headphones will help you stay focused on your work. No more frustration about the harsh sounds of your neighbor’s renovation or a barking dog!

5. To-do list pads

todo list pads for entrepreneurs

Keeping everything in your head is known to be harmful to productivity. Write down everything that needs to be done and keep your head clean for actually important things. With a list of things to do in front of you, you’ll always get more done in a day, while also avoiding making unnecessary decisions that cause procrastination.

6. Time Management Hourglass

Ever heard about the Pomodoro technique? This aesthetically pleasing set of hourglasses is not just a nice touch to decorate your office desk! They let you build a healthy working routine by managing your time in chunks: 30 minutes of focused work followed by a 5-minute break. There are plenty of apps (my fave is Forest) that can do the same but we all know how distracting phones can be!

This is not only a practical gift for any entrepreneur but also a way to elevate a boring office environment.

7. Magnetic dry-erase whiteboard

Whether by yourself in a home office or during team meetings, it’s handy to be able to write down plans, brainstorm solutions, or present ideas all in one place. A white dry-erase board may be extremely useful for an entrepreneur, especially for the owner of a startup or a creative business.

Another gift idea to give an ambitious person is an inspiration board, but that’s a different story.

8. Meal kits subscription

meal kits to your door gift subscription is a nice thoughtful solution for an entrepreneur

Daily cooking can take a ton of time out of your schedule: from planning meals and buying groceries to measuring ingredients and deciding what to do with leftovers. Services like HelloFresh simplify the cooking so it’s fast, decision-free, and pure pleasure!

They deliver you pre-packaged fresh ingredients pre-measured according to your household needs along with a recipe to cook your dinner. I guess food preparation can’t be simpler than that!

Another food-related gift idea for busy businessmen is a gift card for Thrive Marker membership. It’s a subscription-based grocery delivery service that has a lot of healthy low-price products available. Learn more about it here.

9. Robot vacuum cleaner

If you only ever buy one gadget for your home, make it a robot vacuum! It vacuums, it mops, it lets you walk barefoot if you want, and it rids your floor of hair very well. It’s kinda like getting a housecleaner without actually inviting a stranger into your house (and paying for it).

This can be one of the very best thoughtful gifts for businessmen, just make sure they don’t have a robot vacuum already! I personally have a Deebot at home and love to see my house getting cleaner without my input while I’m working or resting!

Best motivational books for entrepreneurs

Keeping a business going is not an easy job, no matter what you do.

Especially for new business owners who are putting a ton of work to build a company and not yet getting much in return, it’s super important to stay motivated and not let yourself give up too soon.

That’s where motivational books come into the picture. They keep you on track with inspiring stories about successful people and well-tested strategies to organize your life in a most productive way.

Here are a few must-reads for an entrepreneur, each of which will make a great gift!

10. “The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich” by Timothy Ferris

This book basically introduced the idea of passive income and entrepreneurial lifestyle into my life! I think it’s a must-read for every business person although most of your entrepreneur friends have probably already read it.

“The 4-hour workweek” talks about many different aspects of building a business and living a freedom-based life. It features various people who escaped office routine and successfully grew their own business and also defines the difference between having a millionaire lifestyle and actually being a millionaire.

Tim is all about retiring while you are still young and can enjoy life to the fullest!

11. “The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries

This book makes a great gift for business owners, especially the ones who are starting a new startup. It defines the core values for approaching innovative ideas and explains how you should treat your business if it’s based on something unique.

It inspires many startupers, especially in the field of software development, to forget about making a perfect thing and instead create a Minimum Viable Product that’s actually useful for your customers.

12. “You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth” by Jen Sincero

This one is somewhere at the top of my favorite self-help books from recent years. It’s another gem by the author of You Are A Badass but while that one is about a general approach to life, this one is about incorporating the money mindset, which is incredibly important for entrepreneurs.

While most good examples of business literature talk about the financial aspects of making money, Jen Sincero focuses more on your mindset. It’s written in a very informal way and based on the author’s personal journey, which makes you feel like you listen to a loving friend, or at least a good life coach. Such a great read, especially for someone who has a positive attitude towards life!

13. “Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive” by Charles Duhigg

Writing a blog about personal productivity, I couldn’t help including at least one book on a subject in this list. This one is not only for entrepreneurs: most of it can be applied to any project a person approaches in life, whether personal or professional.

Charles Duhigg shares with us eight aspects of being a productive person that, as he found out, a lot of successful people have in common. He teaches us to work effectively instead of getting busy with a ton of unimportant tasks.

14. “The Procrastination Cure” by Damon Zahariades

From businessmen to housewives, we all procrastinate on important projects from time to time. If your entrepreneur friend is likely a chronic procrastinator, a book with clear steps to fix it may be a perfect gift!

In “The Procrastination Cure” you’ll find not a quick magical solution to procrastination but twenty-one methods to build your life routines and habits so you can avoid procrastination as much as possible!

Interested in beating procrastination? Here are 10 more useful books to read and 18 most common reasons why we procrastinate.

15. “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products” by Nir Eyal and Ryan Hoover

This is another must-read for all the product creators out there. It will be helpful for every stage of the business building process: from the idea to marketing the end product.

This book explains the customer behavioral patterns that big social media companies often take advantage of. It teaches you to build an engaging product that people want to repeatedly use which “hooks” them for long enough to become habitual. That’s why it’s such a good book to gift an entrepreneur with!

16. “ReWork: Change the Way You Work Forever” by Jason Fried and David Hansson

Written by two founders of one innovative software company, “ReWork” offers us a new approach to business. Consisting of small but on-point one-bite chapters, this book is all about simplifying the life and workflow of a modern entrepreneur. We used to think business is hard, and these guys say everyone can do it and we should take it easy!

17. “The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs: Elevate Yourself to Elevate Your Business” by Hal Elrod

Since Hal’s first book “The Miracle Morning” became such a success, he managed to partner with different people and create a ton of sub-versions of it aimed at different audiences. There is one for network marketers and one for real estate agents, another one for writers, one for teachers and one for college students, and even a few books for building a thriving family or a beautiful romantic relationship.

“The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs” is specifically aimed at people who hustle. It’s about building a certain morning routine that leads you into a successful day. Hal talks about the same SAVERS approach from his initial book but applies it speficically to the life of an entrepreneur.

18. “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: Dynamic Techniques for Turning Fear, Indecision, and Anger into Power, Action, and Love” by Susan Jeffers

This book is about conquering your fears which is something most entrepreneurs can relate to. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of moving forward, being judged, fear of making decisions, implementing innovative ideas… these are just a few of the most common fears faced by a business person.

The author explains how fear can keep you from becoming successful at anything and what you can do to stop it from controlling your life.

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Best home office gifts for entrepreneurs

Working in a comfortable environment that is welcoming and inspiring can make a huge difference to your productivity. From desk gadgets that make your work easier to motivational art that drives your creative force, here are some good home office gifts for entrepreneurs you can choose from!

19. Motivational wall print

Imagine: you are sitting behind the desk, frustrated with something work-related, tired after long hours of hustle, close to quitting. You are trying to relax in your office chair, look up from the screen, and your eye catches one of the phrases on the wall. “Believe”, it says, or “Stay strong”, or even “Never give up!”. You nod, you smile, you pull yourself together and get back to work, inspired enough to do what it takes to achieve your dream.

20. Desk organizer

entrepreneur or not, desk organizer is handy for any office

If your entrepreneur friend is not a very organized person, you can help them out by giving something practical for their office desk. A simple mesh organizer like this keeps all the files and stationery in one spot instead of all over the place. There is even a drawer to hide a bunch of rarely used items that often clutter the surface!

21. Phone holder

A cellphone stand for the office desk is a simple thing that doesn’t take much space but offers a lot of opportunities. It’s like a pair of extra hands that are holding your phone for you at a comfortable angle! You can watch or read something while doing other things, you can participate in video calls without holding your phone the whole time, you can see the notifications right away without picking up your smartphone. Quite useful for a business person, or any person, for that matter!

22. USB hub

If your business friend is someone who has a lot of gadgets, a good USB hub is something they most likely need. This 7-port solution allows to plug up to seven USB devices at a time for charging and data transfer. Think a mouse, a keyboard, a flash drive, a portable monitor, a headset, a game controller, a phone or tablet, a printer, and whatever else you may have. Maybe a mug warmer or a keyboard vacuum cleaner?

There are individual switches for every port so you can keep everything steady without unplugging back and forth.

23. Laptop riser

This is a unique gift idea for entrepreneurs, especially for those who sit a lot. Owning a laptop riser adds some flexibility to your workflow and offers some options other than sitting. It can be a part of your perfect home office setup for conference calls, it lets you work standing from time to time, or you can take your laptop to bed or sofa for a change and work from there. As it’s so multifunctional, you can even use it when not working for holding a book or as a little personal table for a child!

24. Compact coffee maker

Is there even an entrepreneur these days who doesn’t drink coffee? Usually, if you work from home and want a cup of this hot pleasure, you need to go to the kitchen to make it, where you may become subject to many home distractions.

This coffee maker is just compact enough to keep in your office and it makes a great gift idea as it offers two ways of making coffee. So you won’t need to guess if your friend prefers to use ground coffee or pods!

25. Essential oil diffuser

Did you know that aromatherapy can influence your productivity? The right scent can calm you down, energize you, or reduce anxiety, while a bad-smelling room or the lack of fresh air can easily affect your performance in a negative way.

A good essential oil diffuser gives you all the perks of aromatherapy: you can experiment with different oils to find the perfect scent for your home office, and it humidifies the dry air for easier breathing.

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26. Inspiring wall clock

inspiring wall clock makes a good gift for a female entrepreneur

This is a fun and inspiring gift for a female entrepreneur! A simple black quote on a white background is perfect for a minimalist home office. Among other good gifts for a business woman you can think of, this is likely something she doesn’t have yet.

A clock on the wall will inspire her every day and remind her of you. It’s one of the many cool ways to keep an office space professional yet still somewhat fun!

27. Cozy rug

What can make a home office more comfortable if not a cozy rug on the floor? You can feel its warm surface under your feet while working and it complements the office interior without pulling too much attention.

For a home office gift, stick with calm gentle colors and patterns that can fit into everyone’s room.

Conclusion on the best gifts for entrepreneurs

These were the 27 best gift ideas to give an entrepreneur in your life. Hope you found what you were looking for or at least got the idea of what a well-thought practical gift should look like.

If you are an entrepreneur yourself and got something cool as a gift, please share it in the comments, I’d love to add it to this list if it fits!

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