best gift ideas for a business woman at work

15 Fun Gift Ideas For A Business Woman To Support And Inspire

by Juliet Dreamhunter

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Struggling to find unique gift ideas for a business woman that will inspire her for great achievements? Look no more! In this post, I curated a collection of fun and useful gifts aimed to provide daily motivation.

Whether it’s your best friend, girlfriend, mom, wife, daughter, fiancee, or colleague, rest assured she’ll love whatever you choose from this list!

I already have a selection of practical gifts for busy professionals where you can find even more ideas of useful gadgets and services, and this list below is more about motivation and keeping her inspired!

Here you go, 15 awesome gifts for a successful business woman!

1. Book summary service

blinkist subscription is a great gift idea for a business woman


The life of a businesswoman is busy with all the things she needs to take care of but it’s also a continuous learning process. Most high-achieving professional women aim to read a lot of non-fiction literature but struggle to find the time for it in their schedules.

Thankfully, there are services like Blinkist! They retrieve the key ideas from best-selling books into short 15-minute summaries. You can either read it or listen, whichever works best for you. From leadership, motivation, and sales to philosophy or technology, they have 27 categories with unlimited access to books, all in one monthly subscription you can gift!

2. Personalized gift with gold stamping

personalized gift with gold stamping for business woman


There is no better gift than something one-of-a-kind! You can emphasize her unique personality with a well-thought personalized accessory.

Whether it’s her initials, full name, nickname, or even brand name, in Smythson they’ll stamp whatever you need onto whichever item best suits her.

Among other products, they can make:

  • Cosmetic cases
  • Passport covers
  • Travel wallets
  • Organizers
  • Various Purses
  • Luggage Tags
  • Cardholders
  • …and many more

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3. Linkedin Learning subscription

linkedin learning platform is perfect for business people


Long years of sitting behind the desk at the university aren’t that important for business people these days. With numerous online streaming platforms available for learning, it’s easy to focus on specific skills you need for growing your business.

Linkedin Learning is a platform for serious people to learn modern-day high-demand skills from real industry experts. From business and management to creative design tips, there are plenty of opportunities for boss personal and professional self-improvement.

Most popular courses at the moment include:

4. Moon Pod beanbag

moonpod beanbag is a cool unique gift idea to let business woman rest a bit


Sitting behind the desk all day is harmful in many ways. Let her relax with a cup of her favorite drink in a floating chair like Moon Pod. Designed specifically to support your body shape, it is firm enough to even work in it from time to time with your laptop!

This is one of the gifts no businesswoman will expect but everyone will be happy to get!

Good quality beanbag is a perfect place to take a break from work, cuddle with a pet, or just give your back a little rest.

5. Boss lady laptop sleeve

lady boss laptop sleeve

Boss Lady Laptop Sleeve

What gives a professional woman a professional look? Little things.

By giving this elegant Boss Lady laptop sleeve as a gift for her, you make sure she gets inspired every time she takes her laptop out and sees those words! As a bonus, this sleeve will give a good first impression to everyone else who sees it, whether it’s a client or a potential business partner.

6. Personalized tea gift card

tea subscription gift card for businesswomen


Who doesn’t love tea? Even for the pickiest friend, SipsBy will have something special.

Surprise her with a carefully chosen selection of premium teas that will keep her warm and happy every day on a monthly basis!

Unless she is a coffee lover – then look at Driftaway Coffee Subscription instead.

7. Inspiring daily planner

daily planner is a must for every business woman


Every successful businesswoman has some kind of a system to plan her days. To replace her typical boring planner, go a step further and give her a cool new one from Day Designer. Besides the usual hourly schedule, it contains sections for daily priorities, inspirational quotes, goal setting worksheets, and so much more great stuff to help her achieve all her dreams!

Daily? Weekly? Undated? Or even refillable? They have it all! There are also gift cards in case you don’t know which layout she prefers.

8. Motivational art print

motivational poster


Motivation can come in many different ways. Whether it’s posters, art prints, framed images, or mini artworks for her desk, she’ll think about you every time she gets motivated by it.

Choose a nice inspiring quote design and find a way to implement it that will suit her professional home office! Redbubble prints come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s easy to find a great fit.

9. Uplifting throw pillow

motivational throw pillow


One good way to stay inspired is to surround yourself with inspirational things. Add an extra bit of motivation to her home or office decor by gifting this encouraging throw pillow that says Success Is Possible!

Growing a business always requires a lot of hard work and dedication – and it’s easy to lose motivation and get anxious when things don’t go your way. But it’s hard to stay negative for long when even your pillow believes in you!

10. Self-care subscription box

therabox is an amazing self-care gift for any woman


A busy woman doesn’t always have time for herself. Good thing she has people like you who care about her!

Surprise her with a box full of amazing self-care goods delivered to her doorstep every month! The content is different every time and curated by therapists to relieve stress and increase happiness levels.

But don’t just believe the picture! It has more than two thousand positive reviews from happy women who are hooked to receiving a dose of calming therapeutic things every month. It’s like getting a bunch of gifts at once instead of just one!

11. I’m the boss face mask

boss face mask


A couple of years ago nobody would think of giving a face mask as a gift, right? Now we live in the new normal and it’s not only okay but also shows that you care and want to keep her safe!

Enough with the boring black or white face masks that everyone wears! Show who is the boss here with a fun girly mask like this one. Perfect gift for a young female entrepreneur who is still in her twenties but is killing it already!

12. “You are a badass at making money” by Jen Sincero


Everyone probably heard about Jen Sincero’s first best-selling book in the series called You Are a Badass. This one is an even better fit for a business woman as it’s focused on financial success and achieving ambitious money goals. Personally, this is one of my favorite non-fiction books cause it motivates the heck out of you!

Another related gift idea is the calendar created by Jen Sincero based on that initial book: it includes little pieces of wisdom for every day of the year. You can find it here.

13. Woman entrepreneur mug

boss mug


Another motivational gift to support your female entrepreneur friend! Minimal but aesthetically pleasing, this Woman Entrepreneur mug will inspire her every day just by being there on her desk.

Combined with her favorite drink poured in (remember I mentioned tea and coffee subscriptions above?), it will bring all the right feelings to empower her for achievements… one cup at a time!

14. Meal kit delivery service

hello fresh meal kit delivery for busy people


Food is essential for our survival but it doesn’t have to take too much time of your day!

For a businesswoman, managing all the tasks in a most effective way is crucial if she wants her business to grow. With all the other distractions that are constantly interrupting your work schedule, it’s a relief when you can cut a few tasks from your daily to-do list.

Hello Fresh offers regular meal kit delivery for the recipes you love. No more wasting time on grocery shopping and meal planning! You have exactly as much food as you need for your meals and nothing ever goes to waste.

Every few days you get a delivery with pre-portioned ingredients for every meal as well as easy-to-follow recipes. They have lots of options to suit almost every diet and lifestyle! Isn’t it a perfect time-saving gift for a busy woman?

15. Motivational shirt

woman shirt


Other than just inspiring the owner, a motivational shirt is also a good conversation starter. By wearing a piece of clothing with a positive message you easily attract other positive people into your life!

Giving this quote shirt as a gift is a way of empowering your friend who is a businesswoman and a perfectionist. Let’s inspire each other and achieve some awesome goals together!

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