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People like you more if you travel – here is why

Our world is diverse in so many aspects.

There are no two similar countries or two similar people. Every culture is unique, every place on our planet is nothing like others. From climate to cuisine, from customs to daily habits, literally, everything is exceptional and beautiful in its own way.

And here comes the best part: the world is endless for us to experience!

The more sights you see, the more dishes you taste, the more miraculous places you discover, – it all adds to who you are. The person who has returned from a round-the-world trip is never the same as the one he or she used to be before. And the strive to go and explore more places is unstoppable.

The coolest thing about traveling is that the experience is actually different from one person to another. What I mean here is that if you take ten random people and present them a journey to the same country, they will all come back with divergent memories and impressions, sometimes diametrically opposed.

With that said, here are my 3 main reasons why traveling makes you a better person.

You become an interesting conversationalist

Let’s imagine two people.

One has never been outside of his hometown, doesn’t really want to see anything else and thinks about the travelers as of some weirdos who simply can’t stay put.

On the other hand, there is this guy who has just returned from a 3-week journey around Asia and already planning his next trip to the Amazon rainforest. Okay, okay, it shouldn’t necessarily be that extreme. Let him just go to Spain coasts for vacation.

The point is, who do you think sounds more interesting and intriguing to talk to? Which of them most people would like to befriend?.. Exactly.

Traveling kind of guarantees that you always have something to talk about, would it be with a family member or a total stranger. If only you aren’t spending all of your trip’s time in a hotel room (if so, why even bother going?), you will definitely have something to tell your friends afterward.

You can always find new acquaintances on the road

No matter where you’re headed to, there will always be fellow travelers on every part of your road.

If you are open to a possibility to find new friends, you’ll have lots of great opportunities to do this while you travel. And those will not just be some strangers, but most likely people with similar interests to yours. After all, out of all infinite options out there, you’ve chosen to travel to the same place at the same time – what can be a bigger evidence of like-mindedness?

You develop open-mindedness and tolerance

The more cultural discrepancies you face, the easier it becomes for you to deal with other people’s differences. When you experience strange behavior and maybe some traditions that are very much outside your comfort zone, you learn to embrace the distinctions and look at things from a different angle. Later it might help you a lot to be a good friend and deal with controversial opinions.

Well, now you would probably agree with me that travelers are much more attractive than couch potatoes. Don’t take me wrong here: I don’t think that everyone who doesn’t travel is boring and not unworthy to be friends with, no way! My only point here is that people with broad unique experience are much cooler, and traveling is a great way to get this invaluable experience. That’s all.

Of course, I’m not saying that you should throw your life away and go live out of a suitcase. (Though, for some people out there it’s exactly the dream lifestyle – myself included.) But I strongly encourage you to look for more opportunities to travel – just apply your comfort pace to it.

So how about you go google some new destination right now? And then come back and share what your next journey will be! I’m looking forward to reading about your exciting plans!

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