How to read 100+ books per year

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Reading is such a great hobby to have!

I’m a huge bookworm myself, I enjoy reading a wide range of genres from drama, romance, and fantasy to self-development and psychology. I always find time for reading, that’s why the last couple of years I was reading up to 124 full-length books per year. You might think that it was my main priority and I didn’t do anything else, but it’s not the case. I have a full-time day job like most of the people reading this post, but I enjoy reading so much that it wasn’t hard at all.

I know, whether you like fiction or non-fiction books, finding time to read can be surprisingly hard. People tend to do hundreds of small tasks in one day but can’t find even 10 or 15 minutes to read. That’s why I’ve decided to share my advice to help you read a hundred books per year or as many as you want.

Interested? Keep reading!

It’s all about priorities

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I’m not saying that you should put reading before everything else in your life. For most people family and friends and work and many other things are obviously more important than reading more books every year. But it’s the same as with every other thing that you want to bring more into your life: if you really want it, you will find the time for it. Not even find, make the time.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Think about your life priorities. You may write a list of them to clear your mind and see a whole picture in front of you. Which place is the reading hobby at? Is it even on your list? Consider taking it a few stairs up.

What is it that you do in the evenings? After your work, study or whatever main activity you have in your life, what do you do after it? Just count how many hours you have before you go to sleep and analyze what you actually do in those hours. If you think it through, you might be able to squeeze an hour of reading somewhere in between.

Maybe you can spend some quality time with a good book instead of that extra episode on Netflix? Or stop yourself from scrolling through some social network feed, put your smartphone away and just read.

I mean, you’ll probably be surprised if you knew how much time you spend looking at the lives of the people most of whom you don’t even know.

Even chores can be put aside if you decide that reading is more important for you. Keeping an apartment in a good condition can’t be more important than keeping your mind in a good shape, don’t you agree? It’s not that you should forget about everything else and turn your home into some pigsty. But usually the more time you allocate to housework, the more items you have in your to-do list. Even housewives are always busy with all the cleaning they constantly need to do, and they have all the day at their disposal.

Set aside some time for reading, it’s totally possible.

I mean it.

The world will not collapse if you spend an hour for yourself.

But you would most likely become a better version of yourself eventually.

Choose some specific time to read

a person holding a cup of coffee looks at one's watch

When you just want to do something without any kind of system, it most likely won’t work. You may even read one or two days, and then something else will come up and later you’ll find yourself not reading for a month. Again.

The thing here is to create a habit, to continuously repeat it day after day until it’s not hard anymore to find the time and you don’t have to remind yourself every day.

The easiest way to create a habit is to set a specific time for reading.

Add it to your planner or your calendar so you’ll know that that place is taken and you won’t accidentally plan anything else for the same time.

Simply don’t give yourself a chance to find excuses.

Decide for yourself when is the best time for you to read.

For me it’s an hour before going to bed. I wrap myself in a blanket, make myself comfortable in some cozy place, grab a book and dive into it. I usually don’t have any gadgets other than my Kindle anywhere near me, and my smartphone is already in the Do Not Disturb mode. (Great thing, by the way. Use it if you still don’t.)

This last hour of the day is calm and quite, which is exactly what I need to concentrate on the reading process and relax. But it shouldn’t necessarily be the same for anyone.

For some people, it might be hard if they are too tired and sleepy to concentrate. They usually try to read but fall asleep in a couple minutes. And they start using it as an excuse instead of trying to choose the right time that works for them.

Some people like to read in the morning. It is nice too, especially when it’s early enough and everyone else is still sleeping. You can sit in the quiet kitchen, make yourself a cup of your favorite morning drink and enjoy your book. For me it’s much harder because I can’t stop thinking about my work day and tasks that I have to do today, but for you it might be the perfect time to read.

It’s completely normal to choose some time during the day or in the evening even if all your family is around and want your full attention. Explain to your children that this is your time and you have a right to spend an hour doing what you want instead of what they want. It’s a good thing to teach children to appreciate you spending time with them and not taking it for granted. You are a person and you deserve a little time for yourself.

Reading is great as it is, but why not to create an atmosphere in which you’ll enjoy this process even more? Choose what works for you: it could be coffee, candles, blanket, cigar or a bath (though the last two are not very good for printed books). Thinking of this you-time will make you want it, look forward to it, which will make it much easier to create a habit of everyday reading.

Find a community

Like-minded people always stimulate you in a good way.

Even if you choose to read one book a month together, it’s already 12 books per year that you will read just like that! And if there are interesting people and good books, you will read the chosen ones in no time, believe me! No one wants to come to a meeting next month and be the only one not prepared, mumbling some excuses and not able to discuss anything with the rest of the group.

Having some kind of responsibility towards the other people is a good motivation to sit and actually read a book so you can talk about it later. But more than that, you will likely hear from the club members about a lot of great books they have read and your ‘want-to-read’ list will grow fast!

Another good thing is that you will definitely remember many more details from the book and the feeling it gave you will last much longer if you discuss what you read with someone, not just read it. You might also understand it deeply and look at a book from different angles as you discuss it with more people. We are all different and we perceive what we read from different points of view, given the personal life experience. Other people might see in the plot something that you didn’t pay attention to, and someone else might easily miss something that was obvious to you. This personality distinction is what makes book clubs an amazing experience.

As a bonus, you might meet some new friends there!

So, how does one find a community like that?

Nowadays almost every city has some kind of a book club, sometimes even more than one. So there is quite a big chance that you’ll find a local one wherever you live. Just look for it!

And even if there is no such thing, why not to create it? It’s not that hard as it might seem. And there are for sure a lot of people in your living area who love to read and would consider joining a book club. Take action, it might lead to something amazing!

Well, if for some reason you don’t want to join a local club, it’s fine too.

There are tons of online communities which gather hundreds of readers in one place. And it’s very easy to find one with people who share your interests, like the same genres and even are fans of your favorite authors. Goodreads.com is the biggest place I know for English-speaking people, but there are hundreds of others out there if you are interested.

Go find a fellow reader and share your awesome reading experiences!

These three points might sound easy enough, but I’m sure you’ll read many more books next years if you just implement these. Tell me if you want more, maybe I’ll write another article with more useful advice for reading more books, as I have lots of them in my mind to share with you.

Tell me how many books you read per year! If you don’t count, there are many services that can count for you if you just list every book after finishing it.

How many books would you like to read per year?

I’d say 200, but, well, I’d need to leave my job first, not physically possible otherwise. So I’ll stick with a 100. And you?

Save this post and read more books every year!

How to read 100 books a year: tips and advice from someone who does it.

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