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How to find your passion in life

It might sound unbelievable, but a very small percent of people in 2018 do actually know what their passion is and are following it. Others either don’t care (which means they are completely satisfied with their current lifestyle and don’t want to move forward) or struggle to find a passion in life, sometimes feeling lack of something important but not quite understanding what it is. If you are from the latter group, this article should help you to deeper understand yourself and possibly help to uncover things you are passionate about so you can concentrate more on bringing joy and meaningfulness into your life.

Before you continue reading this, go grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen, or whichever notes app you like, cause this is an important part: write everything down. Otherwise, you might find something useful and then distract yourself and forget about it in a minute. And you don’t want to miss a chance to find your true calling, right?

So here are some main points that will help you analyze your life and make a first step to finding a passion. Don’t forget to write down all the answers you can think of, without questioning if they are good enough.

Think of all the things that you liked doing as a kid

It might be drawing/singing/modeling, being into some kind of sport, dancing, playing musical instruments, reading, making handmade gifts, spending time with friends, camping and much much more different things.

Remind yourself of your favorite subjects at school: maybe you liked astronomy? Biology? Foreign languages? Math?

Who did you want to become `when you grow up`? Everyone was asked of this in childhood, what was your answer?

Did you have hobbies as a child? Collected something? Liked taking care of animals? Or growing plants?

Ask yourself which of these could be of some interest to you in your current life.

Look at online courses platforms

There are a lot of platforms with tons of massive open online courses (MOOCs). Some of the courses are free, some aren’t. Different platforms have different ways for users to apply for courses: for example, you might want to just audit the lessons without getting a certificate, and some services allow you to do this for free. My personal favorites are Coursera, Udacity, and edX. But there are many more like Udemy, Lynda, and others.

Scroll through catalogs and look for courses that make you curious, titles that draw your attention right away. Don’t concentrate on the only category related to your job or something you might already know. It’s all about searching new ideas for your soul and self-improvement.

You might find yourself unexpectedly interested in virtual reality, DNA research, psychology, teaching, meditation or software development. As there are lots of categories on each of the mentioned sites, I’m sure that everyone can find something interesting for oneself.

Write down the categories which seem intriguing to you and those that might be potentially interesting for you to try. If you want to start learning something right away, don’t stop yourself! Let your new passion pull you in!

Check out the list of hobbies from Wikipedia.

It might surprise you, but Wikipedia has a quite comprehensive List of hobbies where you can look for ideas of interesting hobbies. Check it out, maybe you’ll find something you have always wanted to be doing, but never really tried.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are some things that you lose track of time with? Things that make you find yourself awake at three AM amazed how fast the time flew while you were doing it for the last six hours. Something just came to your mind? Write it down.

  2. What do you enjoy doing? Even if you don’t have time for it and haven’t done it for a long time, write it down. Don’t worry whether it seems profitable or a waste of time, you’ll think about it later. Just think of your daily life and remember all the activities you have really enjoyed.

  3. Why do you like all of the things you’ve already written down? Think of the way they make you feel. If you like your job, which part of it is it that you really enjoy? It would be different for everyone. Someone might like creating presentations, someone enjoys teaching others, someone likes to make unique things work. Why is your thing special for you? What does it bring into your life? In what way does it make you happy?

  4. What could you do without payment? A lot of well-known businesses weren’t successful and profitable from the first day. Sometimes you have to spent years doing something day after day, believing in the whole idea of it, but not getting a dime from it. And only with time it grows bigger and becomes good enough to make money.

    So think of something that you like enough to do it not for money, but because you enjoy it a lot; because it motivates you so much that you won’t give up after the first complication.

  5. What can you talk about endlessly? Sometimes when you have a conversation with a friend, you find yourself really into talking about some specific subject. It is obviously important to you, your heart rate increases and you are doing your best to describe this subject so your friend will understand how cool it is and hopefully will like it the same as you do. You probably are constantly looking into this area, googling ideas and checking the latest news so you are always ready to discuss this with whoever interested. Maybe this thing comes up a lot in your conversations with different people and you are never tired of talking about it. Something just popped into your head? You know what to do.

Okay, good job so far! I hope you really eager to find your passion and have written down lots of information about your interests. Now go through everything you have in your list, and reflect.

Would you be happy if this was in your life every day? What about in 30 years? Can you imagine yourself doing this every day instead of a boring office job?

You might say yes to more than one thing here, don’t try to choose the only one and cross everything else out. It’s great if you have options! Now it’s time to investigate further on how to include this more into your life, what you can do in the future to make it not just a hobby, but a lifework. Go look for the related opportunities as now you probably understand better what kind of person you are and what you are passionate about. Good luck with your research!

Finally, if you figured that you don’t have anything that you like that much, you should probably rethink your life. Go try new things, meet new people, talk with them about their hobbies and passions. Seek for experience outside your usual friend circle.

You can’t tell what your favorite dish is if you haven’t tasted any food yet, right? It’s the same with hobbies. If you understand that you haven’t actually lived yet and you are only constantly going with the flow, maybe it’s time for a change. Land to a shore and start discovering the world, the good chance is that you’ll find something great on your way when you slightly change the direction. Bring some colors into your life! It will definitely help you to find your passion, live a more meaningful life and enjoy it every day!

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how to find a passion in life

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