Do you stick to your goals? A 100-day challenge to achieve them all


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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. ~ Lao Tzu

Have you ever wondered why you are not succeeding with your goals?

Every year on January the 1st most of the people set a lot of ambitious goals and make a lot of promises to themselves.

But how many of them actually stick to those promises, continuously moving towards those goals?

Probably one in a thousand.

And in a year everyone else is just sitting there making excuses for why they haven’t done anything and then create a new list of goals and promises. For the next year. And then, as you can imagine, the history totally repeats itself.

I’m sure you can relate to that, I definitely can.

Why do you think it happens to most of us? Is it fate? Or not having enough time? Or maybe someone else happens to distract you every time you want to be productive and take action? What is your excuse, if you think of it? Tell me in comments if you usually set goals for a new year and exactly how many of them did you actually succeed to do this year and finally crossed them out from your list of dreams? I’d like to hear about your results or excuses!

This problem is much easier to defeat when you understand the root of it. What holds you back from living the life of your dreams? If you know the answer, can you easily remove that factor from your life? If the answer is no, you probably need to look at everything from a different angle.

And then the answer is damn simple: DEDICATION.

You are the only one responsible for your life, so it’s you who should take all the responsibility and make everything work.

You need to choose a goal and fully commit to it. Every day make a small step towards what you believe should be your future and the results will be forthcoming.

I know that there are days when you are too tired or seem to not have a single spare minute, but you have to constantly keep your goal in mind and do everything you can to make a new step every single day. It might be a very small task or even some preparations for tomorrow’s bigger task, but the most important is that you never forget where you are headed.

If you miss a day, start over from day one.

Sounds harsh? It is! But it’s the only way you will get results.

Try a 100-day challenge

Well, just thinking about a year of doing something every day is overwhelming enough to not even want to start.

365 days is quite a huge period of time to stay dedicated to the same goal.

This is why I recommend trying a 100-day challenge if you haven’t done it before. I mean, if you did and succeeded, you are probably doing it anyway again and again, ’cause you know the same as me that it really works. But in case you’ve never heard of such a thing, I’ll tell you what it is all about.

In short, you set a goal for a hundred days and write down every day what you’ve done today for the sake of it.

A hundred days is much more bearable time than a whole year, much easier to imagine and stay focused on your goal.

You might consider breaking your huge year-long wish into a few smaller steps and take the first of them as a goal for your 100-day challenge. That’s what I usually do. But I’ve heard that a lot of people set quite ambitious goals for this small period and, believe it or not, they succeed! It probably has something to do with the size of a final reward. If the prize is big, you want it more, you put more resources into achieving it, think about it more, visualize a lot – which ends up in being a huge motivation and a big chance of a good result.

It is up to you which way to choose, you might try both and see what works for you.

So first, here is my old way of doing this.

  1. Find a notebook which has more than a 100 of clean pages in it. I also like the process of choosing the right one for each time I do this, as the cover is also kinda important if you know what I mean. This is the thing you will be holding in your hands and looking at every day, so better choose the cool one that inspires you and reminds you about your goal.
  2. Number all the pages up to page 100.
  3. (This is the most important one!) On the 100th page write your goal, but in the present tense, as if it has already happened and you are living in it. Free your imagination here, try to make this dream come true in your mind. Describe everything you feel on that clean slate, how happy you are to get it and what you are doing with this amazing result. Aim to write down a lot of details and fill the whole page.
  4. Here comes the challenge itself. From now on every day you should write your small steps towards your goal. Don’t think too much in advance, just fill today’s page and think what you can do tomorrow. Describe what exactly you’ve done during this day 1 and how it will help you to come closer to your dream. It won’t take you more than five minutes a day, usually much less, but writing everything down will definitely help you to stay focused through all the 100 days. It also clears your mind when you reflect on tomorrow’s steps. And the feeling of being productive every single day encourages you to do even more the next day.

So this is it. First three steps are very exciting, and the last one is about the dedication and tracking the progress. If you stick with it, you will be surprised on the day 100. Probably your dream comes true even faster if you commit to doing a step every day without excuses! Even if not, you will definitely be much much closer to it than you were on day 1.

Just try it once for a100 days and tell me what your results are! I’m looking forward to hearing about your successes!

Consider some motivational help

Not everyone has such a great willpower to be able to easily stick to something long-term.

A lot of people take lessons from a personal coach in the gym because it’s much easier when there is someone else keeping you on the right road until you finally reach your destination. You can’t slack off as you can easily do when there is no one watching. Some regular amount of outside motivation can be crucial in getting to the actual goal. Especially for lazy people who are prone to procrastination.

If you are like that and want additional motivation and kicks through your journey, consider taking part in a Gary Blair’s 100-day challenge which is specifically created to help people achieve their goals and not stop halfway. This program contains tons of ways to keep you on the right track. There are personal massive action plans, weekly progress reviews, motivational videos to inspire you and so much more! Hundreds of videos and audios to keep your inner flame alive!

I know that a lot of successful people and millionaires have taken part in this program, some even a few times. Because those are people who always know what they want and they have the right mindset to be able to achieve everything they want for their lives. But all of them have started from scratch at some point. They are also people, like you and me. So what is this thing that they all have in common?

Yes. Dedication.

Every small step matters. Every day matters as far as you do something for your future.

So what will it be? Are you eager to try a 100-day challenge? I hope you are as I’ve never heard anyone complaining about getting bad results from it (if they put some effort, of course).

If you choose my old notebook-using method, you can start right away! Don’t forget to choose a beautiful stationery for additional motivation!

In case your choice is Gary’s program, you might need to wait a little bit as it only takes place a few times a year (including, of course, the 1st of January, those guys definitely know what they do!). But, well, then you have time to prepare your mindset and be ready to fully commit to a challenge when it starts.

Please tell me in comments which way you prefer and a couple words about your great goal in case you already have one (who doesn’t?).

Whatever you choose, I wish you a huge success in achieving your goals!

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