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If you struggle a lot and still not going anywhere, maybe it’s something inside you that holds you back. In order to become rich and bring abundance into your life, you should break a poverty mindset. My today’s six points will help you to rethink your vision of life and maybe make a huge step to the life of your dreams.

Check them out and I’m sure you can relate to some of them.

Before you do, you must believe that you don’t have to continue living like your parents, that you can and should to start a new lifestyle, change your reality, so next generations of your family won’t know what it is like to be poor and to grow up missing things, not able to have what they want.

Tell yourself that it is 100% possible. Stop thinking about ‘if’ and start thinking about ‘how’.

1. Choose your advisers wisely

Look at the people surrounding you. In order to become rich, you should spend most of your time talking or listening to people who are living the kind of life you want. If all your friends are broke, stop taking advice from them or eventually you will find yourself in the same place where they are. And this takes us to the next point: learnability.

2. Never ever stop learning

Prepare yourself to be learning a lot of new information if you truly want to change your life. We live in the era of possibilities, we have Internet access (at least you do if you are reading this) and we are able to get tons of quality information for free. The thing is to not just listen or watch but to consume it the most effective way possible, absorb it into you, take notes and implement what they say. And, of course, listen to the right people, not just some talkative time-wasters pretending to know everything. Again, choose wisely.

3. Stop blaming others for YOUR life situation

Even if it’s actually not your fault how you came to this point, stop sinking in the past and blaming everyone else. Stop making excuses and looking for another person to shift your guilt onto. Admit that you are accountable for the path you choose and decisions you make. But also don’t blame yourself for too long, just take a lesson from the situation and look forward into the better future.

Successful people are not just some lucky ones: for most of them getting to this point took years of hard work, and the reason they are there now is that they never blame others for their failures. Take a full responsibility of your life and what happens with you from now on. Don’t think about things that you can’t change, think about the ones you CAN influence.

When you declare that someone else is responsible for your life situation, you are giving them a power, giving away your own power to change. Stop doing that! Take over the reins, it’s your life and you are the only one powerful enough to make a difference in it.

4. Don’t waste time complaining

Poor people always have something to complain about: their life situation, poor health, bad relationships (which totally come from this attitude), and how everything is just too sad and unfair. Suck it up! Don’t spend time with people who are always negative. Don’t be the one yourself. Look for the opportunities and try to find something good in every day of your life. You’ll be surprised how many good things are there waiting for you to notice when you start paying attention.

5. Don’t spend money that you don’t have

Either it’s a loan or a credit card, think twice (or even more) before using it. You might want to buy something right now, but in a few days or weeks you might not want or need it anymore. And being in a debt is quite a stressful and unhealthy experience that it’s totally not worth it for things you might not need in the long run. Unless you spend this money on learning a new skill that can make you money in the future or put into a business with a potential to make you much more, better don’t use credits at all.

6. Embrace the good things in your life

Accept them, let them happen. If someone wants to give you a gift, let them. Don’t push away the possibilities or whatever it is just because you think you are not good enough, or it is too expensive of a gift. Don’t feel guilty or obliged when people try to do you a favor. Stop counting their money. In most cases, they want to make you happy, and with rejecting it you only make everyone sad. Enjoy the nice things and people if they are in your life, smile more, believe that you are totally worth it!

This is it.

Some of the above might seem obvious, but it is important to analyze yourself and try to get rid of those negative factors. You will not live a perfect life if in your mind you don’t believe it’s possible. Make yourself ready for it and wipe off all those beliefs that keep you from it!

There is probably more to the topic than my six ideas, so if there is something you have to share, feel free to do it down below! I’m always happy to learn something new.

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