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30 Winter bucket list ideas

This morning I looked out of my window and was surprised to see the first real snowfall of this year. It gets colder and colder every day, but obviously, everything looks better under a white coat. All this natural beauty made me think about the things that a great winter season is composed of.

You know, winter is coming and we should be prepared.

So today I want to share with you my Winter Bucket List: some ideas to make the most of those almost hundred of freezing days. You can print this list out, pin to your vision board or refrigerator and go choose the first thing to start with! Don’t forget to check the tasks you’ve completed – it’s always the best part.

Let’s make this cold season warm, cozy and memorable!

30 things to do for a perfect winter

1. Build a snowman

Don’t go with obvious forms here. Engage your creativity, be different from everyone else building the same boring snowman around you! Let your ones have original identities, unexpected forms and best accessories in the yard!

2. Go ice skating

Take someone you love and go ice skating hand by hand. It shouldn’t necessarily be romantic: you might as well take your best friend or bond with a family member and spend the best time ever!

3. Make a snow angel

It’s good to please your inner child from time to time!

4. Read-a-thon

reading in bed with sparkler light

Make a list of books you’ve always wanted to read and set yourself up for a challenge to read them all. Winter is for warm and thrilling stories, so it’s a good idea to choose your favorite genre or authors to get the best out of this read-a-thon. But it is also the ideal time for new beginnings, so if there is some new genre which makes you curious, don’t hesitate and definitely try it this winter!

If you have a lot of spare time and want to go hardcore, organize a 24-hour read-a-thon! I’ve seen lots of booktubers doing this crazy challenge, so it’s totally possible.

The question is: are you ready for it?

5. Go sledding

Give that child mentioned above some more joy! Or, if you think you are too old for this stuff, go skiing or snowboarding. Don’t know what to choose? Try both!

6. Decorate your home to add winter vibes

Perfect time to be creative and show your style! Choose a color scheme that makes you feel cozy and stick with it! Add some candles and Christmas lights for a more authentic atmosphere. After this small decoration process you will feel cozy and comfortable every day of those three cold months!

7. Organize your dreams

Always think of a bigger picture. Winter is a perfect time to plan your next year and start thinking of implementing your dreams (or at least of the first small steps to that, don’t overwhelm yourself with planning all the way to the goal). Check out my 6 list ideas that are great to create every year to organize your thoughts and wishes and come closer to your dream life.

8. Create a vision board

If you still don’t have it, you should! It’s so exciting to create it and visualize how your perfect life will look like! It gives you a clear picture of your dreams and goals and is a constant reminder of the nearest destination.

If you already have one, rethink it! It’s a good idea to look at it with fresh eyes a couple of times a year: some wishes might have already come true, some might not be relevant anymore, and you’ve probably got a few new ones to add to the list.

9. Find perfect Christmas presents

Go shopping before holidays and find a great present for every nice person in your life! Enjoy the very process of it as the atmosphere at each and every shopping mall before Christmas is usually special and inspiring.

10. Bake cinnamon cookies

In case you don’t like cinnamon, use vanilla or your favorite flavor, but the most important thing here is that amazing smell that fills your kitchen and improves everyone’s mood!

11. Make a bird feeder

Be a nice person and help our smallest friends to get through the rough winter period!

12. Make valentines for your loved ones

Whether you have or haven’t a life partner, 14th of February is a good day to spend with a loved one. Handmade valentines is a special surprise that is personal and doesn’t affect your budget.

13. Memorable New Year celebration

sparkler near the window

Make it different this year. Another place, another theme, maybe even another people around you. If you usually sit at home, go outside and share this happy moments with a crowd of strangers at the main city square. You might consider choosing another city or even go abroad to celebrate the New Year. Holidays is a time of the year when there is a lot of joy and laugh and everybody is a little bit happier than usual, so chances are high to find new friends among those strangers or at least remember this holiday as something different.

14. Taste a new hot drink

Whether you are a coffee-addict, tea lover or mulled wine fan (I’m all of the above!), try to drink something new. Cafeterias are quite inventive these days and often come up with new ideas during holiday season, but you might as well experiment by yourself! Add some unusual spice to your usual homemade hot drink and check this point right away!

15. Take part in a snowball fight

What can reduce your stress level better than kicking someone’s butt in a good old snowball fight?

16. Watch a Christmas movie

Kinda obvious, huh? Tell me in comments which is your favorite!

17. Wear themed clothes

This is always fun! There are already people around me wearing all kinds of knitted sweaters with winter patterns, Christmas trees, and reindeer. I have a cute red one mentioning Santa. What do you wear?

Here are some awesome sweaters you might want to look at for yourself or a friend (all clickable).

18. Do a good deed

Do something good for your karma this winter 🙂

Donate to a charity, buy Christmas gifts for needy children, feed homeless or just gratuitously help a friend with something. If everyone does even a small good thing this winter, the world will become a better place when spring comes!

19. Decorate a Christmas tree

I prefer silver colors, it feels like magic to me. And you?

20. Find a new friend to have hot drinks with

Join some club you are interested in or go to a couple of events where you might find a new friend. Don’t look for a BFF, for starters just someone nice to have delicious drinks and a good conversation with in a warm place watching a blizzard outside.

21. Wear a pair of fluffy slippers

Paws are always popular! Do you like to be a bear or a unicorn this year? Here are a few cute ideas I’ve chosen for you (all clickable)!

22. Send handwritten postcards

Write what you feel to those friends who are far away from you – even if they are just a Skype call away. Written words are memorable and warm: send them something nice to remind about you every time they see it.

23. Start something new

Anything! New hobby, new business, new relationship, new course – just don’t stay forever at the same page you were last year. Learning new stuff makes your personality grow and also engages the brain parts that you haven’t used before.

24. Do a cute winter photoshoot

Create a warm story to remember during cold days. Pinterest has lots of inspiration!

25. Walk in the snow

a pair walking in the snow

Be different! Don’t run from door to door, stop caring how you look for a change and enjoy the moment. When was the last time you caught a snowflake on your tongue?

26. Make a winter playlist

Laaaast Christmas, I gave you my heart

But the very next day you gave it away…

Tell me in comments what is your favorite winter song, help me create my new playlist too!

27. Write a letter to the future self

There are lots of free services for such purpose that let you write an email and send it to you a year from now (or on a specified date). Describe what your dreams and expectations are and where you think you will be in a year. This should also motivate you to work harder for your goals – you wouldn’t want to disappoint yourself, would you?

28. Hug someone you love

Everyone knows that we need 8 hugs a day to be happy. But winter is cold and dark – let’s make it 10 just to make sure!

29. Go online shopping in your pajamas

Find at least one day to relax at home, wear your warm pajamas all day and buy something online from your bed while it’s still sales time.

30. Plan your next amazing trip

Where are you going next? Find some time for planning and organizing!

As you know, people like you more if you travel, so make yourself more interesting and prepare for the next great adventure!

So, are you ready for a challenge? Print this list out and let’s make the most of this winter!

Pin this post, share with your friends and have a great winter time together!

30 things to do for a perfect winter

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